You can visit Marquette Dentistry for natural looking dentures in Katy, TX. It is an undeniable fact that teeth are highly important in one’s life. They aid you in eating as well as improve the attractiveness of your smile. Life without teeth is hard and such people find difficulty in eating because they cannot chew their meals properly.

Natural Looking Dentures In Katy, TX

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Accidents happen in life. Tooth loss isn’t an uncommon issue. People lose teeth from old age, disesase, or an external circumstance. However, it’s only when you lose teeth that you realize how much you use them for anything other than chewing.

Other than eating, teeth are important for speaking, self-confidence, and your overall health. With some missing, you may notice you can’t enunciate properly or you’re less likely to smile. However, Marquette Dentistry has some solutions to the issue.

Nowadays, both natural-looking dentures or dental implants have proven to be a reliable solution. They allow people to enjoy their meal without any trouble and regain their beautiful smile. People with missing teeth either of these two options so that they can live with greater ease. Skilled dentists can design dentures or install dental implants, allowing you to get back to your previous lifestyle.

If you need replacement teeth, first consult your dentist then choose one that suits you best.

The Difference Between Dental Implants and Natural Looking Dentures in Katy, TX

When people lose teeth, they usually turn to two different options: dentures and dental implants. Although they have the same purpose, the two options vastly differ from one another.

Dental implants are dental prosthetics that take the place of your original tooth or teeth. The dentist will drill a titanum post (the implant) into your jaw where the missing tooth was originally. This implant puts about the same pressure as a real tooth on your jaw. Then, they’ll add a crown to the implant, which allows the implant look and act like a real tooth.

As you would assume, these implants are permanent. Although they aren’t removeable, you won’t need to treat them any differently than your real teeth. Because of that, the cost of the procudure may cost more than other alternatives. However, this procedure isn’t for everyone.

Although dental implants sound like everything you want in a replacement tooth or teeth, it depends on healthy gums and jaw. If the dentist deems that the patient’s dental health or infrastructure can’t handle implants, they’ll suggest dentures instead.

Dentures are a dental applicance that replaces missing teeth. Traditional dentures are made of a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, or a combination of both. Your dentist will customize each set of dentures to fit your mouth and restore your smile, improving your oral health. They’re also removeable, so it’s easier to maintain.

Different Types of Dentures

Natural Looking Dentures In Katy, TX

Get Natural Looking Dentures In Katy, TX with Marquette Dentistry.

One can say that losing teeth isn’t an issue because natural-looking dentures offer you the same benefits of real teeth. Dentures are available in the form of an attractive array of teeth that look beautiful and make you comfortable whether eating or speaking.

There are a few different types of natural looking dentures in Katy, TX available, and each one is best suited for a different person. The three main types of dentures are full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures.

  • Full or Complete Dentures

Patients with no teeth left are eligible for full or complete dentures. These dentures are held in place by suction and friction. Considering these replace your entire set of teeth, full dentures are the most expensive of the three different types.

  • Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are for people who have lost some of their teeth. So long as some of your natural teeth remain, you can get partial dentures. These dentures stay in place with metal clasps that attach to your remaining teeth.

  • Implant-Supported Dentures

Lastly, implant-supported dentures are also for patients who need a bit more than dentures. Usually, patients that resort to this option need the most help. Implant-supported dentures help these patients keep their remaining teeth and stabilize their remaining jawbone.

This type of dentures takes a page out of the dental implant book. The dentist will surgically place the implant into your jawbone. These implants will act as your dentures’ anchors, stabilizing both complete and partial dentures.

Caring for Your Natural Looking Dentures

Although they look and act like your natural teeth, they don’t have the same durable as real teeth. You should handle them with care when maintaining them. To avoid damaging them if you accidentally drop them, you can stand over a folded towel or full sink of water.

To keep your dentures looking their best, it is important to take care of them and keep them clean. Here are a few tips on how to care for your dentures:

  • Rinse your dentures with water after each meal and brush them with a toothbrush and a denture cleaner.

Like real teeth, you should brush your dentures. Brushing prevents any permenent stains. When cleaning your dentures, you should use a soft-bristle toothbrush. Gently brush all of your dentures’ surfaces and take care not to damage the plastice or bend attachments.

Don’t brush your dentures with toothpaste. Toothpaste is abrasive and can leave tiny scratches where food and plaque can build up on your dentures. Use a denture cleaner instead.

  • Soak your dentures in a denture cleaning solution or in water with a denture tablet once a day.

When you’re not wearing your dentures, you want to ensure that it doesn’t dry out or lose their shape. Place them in a denture cleaning solution or water. However, if your dentures have metal attachments, the soaking solution may tarnish them. In that case, your dentist will inform you of the best method of caring for your dentures.

  • Store your dentures in a denture case.

Replacing Your Dentures

Unfortunately, even the most durable dentures only last 7-10 years, so you’ll need to get new dentures when you notice the signs. That’s why people want to find affordable options so that they can change their dentures. Here are a few different signs that you may need new dentures:

  • They feel loose or falling out.

Most dentures will stay in your mouth when you chew or speak through friction alone. The perfect fit between your dentures and gums is usually enough to keep it in place. If you notice that they’re looser or keep falling out, you may need to adjust or replace your dentures. Of course, you can use denture adhesives, however, that’s only a short-term fix.

  • You’re having trouble speaking clearly.

Usually, this goes back to the first sign. If you’re slurring your words or they come out unclear, it may be because your dentures are loose. As stated earlier, you may need to come in to adjust or replace them.

  • They’re causing you discomfort or affecting your gum tissue.

Dentures that are the perfect fit shouldn’t cause you discomfort or pain. If you notice pain or discomfort while chewing, you may need to replace your dentures. On the same point, if you notice any lesions, sores, or any issues with your gums, come in so we can refit or replace your dentures as soon as possible.

  • The dentures have some damage or discoloration.

You need to replace your dentures if you notice any damage to them. If there are chips, cracks, or one of the teeth are loose, call Marquette Dentistry so we can replace them for you.

Natural Looking Dentures In Katy, TX

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Katy, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The area used to be known as “Cane Island,” in the mid-1800s.
  • However, its name changed with the construction of the Missouri-Texas-Kansas Railroad, nicknamed “K-T.”
  • Once the railroad brought more people to the area, the city of “Katy” was officialy incorporated in 1945.
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