Dental Emergency Houston

If you are having a dental emergency Houston, please call us at Marquette Dentistry. Every day there are different kinds of medical emergencies. And just like there are medical emergencies, there are dental ones as well. These can take different forms, but when they happen, you want to take care of them as soon as possible.

Urgent dental care is a dental service that we have available for any patient that comes in. Very few dentists in our region operate past their normal office working hours. In addition to that, many dentists in this area prefer to work with appointments. But not everyone will have the luxury of time to schedule an appointment, especially if it’s an emergency.

For this reason, our dentists have decided to offer emergency services to all people in Houston. It doesn’t matter the extent of their problem or the time of the day they seek our services. It is our mission to ensure that a qualified dentist attends to each and every person in need of this service. And that nothing stops this treatment from happening.

So, if this is a service that you need now, call 832-786-4406 and speak to a dental assistant today.

Dental Emergency Houston
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Dental Emergency Houston Services

You may be familiar or unfamiliar with dental emergency services. This is not something that is uncommon or that we don’t see frequently. Majority of the time, the dental emergency that needs to be taken care of requires some form of cosmetic dentistry. These are services that we are more than familiar with and are ready to complete.

Now, something that is important for us to know is your dental history and medical history. This is to help the dentist get a better idea of what they are going into. In addition to that, they can decide which procedure will work best for you. Every question or comment is to make sure that the dentist is doing what is right for you.

At Marquette, we have a full range of cosmetic dental procedures that you can take part in. Depending on your emergency, the dentist will choose the appropriate procedure. These procedures include dental implants, bonding, crowns and bridges, smile improvement, and much more.

Our dental emergency Houston office offers treatment for toothaches, broken teeth, tooth trauma, lost fillings, gum and tooth abscess, and other tooth problems. To ensure that you are getting the highest dental quality service, only the best-licensed dentists work with you. The dentist will let you know which one best fits your emergency before starting the procedure when you visit us.

Your Payment Options

Now because this is emergency dentistry, you might be thinking about all your payment options. Thankfully, we have many different options for you to choose from.

First, we want to let you know that we accept most dental insurance. So if this is something you have, know that your insurance might cover the costs of your procedure. In addition to that, we accept all major credit cards, and this is another way that you can make payment.

Dental Emergency Houston
Try out our dental financing.

Lastly, we want to let you know abut about dental financing. This is an option that is available for all of our patients if they need it. Dental services can sometimes be expensive, and you may not have the total amount at hand. With that being said, we provide this financing for all our patients.

There are a total of four credit cards that you can apply for. And we want to let you know that it doesn’t matter what kind of credit you have. There is an option for everyone. So check out our financing options and take advantage of them today.

Marquette Dentistry: Our Dental Office Stands Out

We understand that life has its ways of throwing things our way, and sometimes it is inconvenient. Once you experience some kind of oral pain during non-working hours on during the weekends, all you need to do is visit us.

If you are suffering from an excruciating tooth pain or maybe you had an accident that damaged your tooth, you do not have to wait for days or book an appointment to get the help you need. Not seeking treatment when there are signs of dental problems can result in major problems for your teeth. So, with our dental emergency Houston, you don’t have to let the problem linger.

At Marquette, we are doing everything possible to ensure that patients get the best dental service. Whether that is an emergency or regular service. Oral health is something that is very important to us, and we aim to assist our patients with developing better oral health habits. That is our mission, and as simple as it sounds, we take it very seriously. This is what makes us stand out from other dental offices.

So, don’t look for any other dental office to provide you with the service you’ve been looking for. Trust us at Marquette Dentistry to get the job done.

Visit us Today

A dental emergency does not need a day appointment, and this is something that we are taking advantage of.

It can be frustrating if you’re having a dental emergency when you cannot get hold of your dentist until the following morning. At our dental office, you are our priority. So when you call us after hours the office phone is diverted to our mobile phones. This way, we can answer you right away.

Dental Emergency Houston
Get the best dental emergency Houston from Marquette Dentistry.

In instances when our emergency dentists are unavailable to answer the phone, you are always invited to leave a message and indicate your contact number. As soon as they are available, they will get back to you. During the call, we might ask you various questions in order for us to determine the extent of your injuries and allow us to treat you quickly and efficiently.

We are located in the Houston area, and that means you can get to us in no time. So when you have a dental emergency Houston give Marquette Dentistry a call.

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