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Pediatric dentist houston medicaid is available at Marquette Dentistry. A question that parents frequently ask is whether or not there are ways to prevent the need for a child to wear corrective braces on his or her teeth. The best answer is to say that it depends. Sometimes genetics plays a role, and there is no choice but to deal with, for example, a child’s severe underbite or overbite caused by the skeletal discrepancy between the jaws. Even if a child has two parents with perfect teeth, a feature inherited from the father may create disharmony in the mouth with another feature inherited from the mother, such as having small arches and large teeth.

Preventing the Need for Braces

There are some aspects of a child’s dental development that are able to be controlled to the extent that braces may be avoided. For this to occur, frequent dental visits are necessary. The pediatric dentist houston Medicaid takes baseline measurements and then continually monitors growth and development of the structures. There are many different aspects to this approach that require the expertise of a professional to fully grasp. For example, to avoid braces, it may be beneficial for a baby tooth to be removed or for a baby tooth to stay in place longer than seems necessary.

Dental Mishaps

One way to avoid the need for braces is be sure you are in the care of an experienced pediatric dentist houston medicaid. The following are some of the problems that can and often do arise, and they basically result in an avoidable need for braces.

Dental caries, crumbling and decay of teeth, is the most common childhood disease in the U.S. The question of whether or not to remove a tooth is often an issue parents face, with help and advice from pediatric dentist houston medicaid. The choice to fill a tooth or remove it is not always available. There are many times when severe decay results in a dentist having no other option but to extract. There can, however, be severe orthodontic consequences to extracting a tooth early; but they may not be evidence for many years. This problem manifests as permanent teeth come in and create havoc in the mouth, necessitating braces.

Another example is if a permanent tooth erupts and creates the loss of two baby teeth rather than just one, the result can be that the teeth drift and ultimately leave no room for a permanent tooth.

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