Pediatric Dentist Houston

Pediatric dentist Houston is important to help ensure that children can achieve dental health. Many children develop a fear of going to the dentist. We recommend addressing that potential problem by taking a proactive approach. We know that a pediatric dentist in Houston is a helpful asset, and we want your children to feel the same way.

Dentists are Super, Not Scary

There are definitely some effective strategies that can help parents warm their children up to receiving dental care from a pediatric dentist Houston. The following are some tips for making children comfortable with going to the dentist:

  • Start early in life. Help that a pediatric dentist in Houston can provide begins at the infant stage. Not only can your child’s dentist help you understand such problems as baby bottle tooth decay, but just having the child visit before there is any pain in the mouth begins a process of creating a comfort level at the dentist’s office. If a child’s only visits to a dentist are when there is already pain, the strongest association with a dentist will likely be a negative one.
  • Visit the dentist routinely. An ongoing healthy relationship with a dentist helps to develop trust. It is recommended that you bring your child to his or her pediatric dentist in Houston every six months or more frequently if there is pain or significant tooth decay or when receiving orthodontic services.
  • Before the visit to a dentist, give the child an idea what to expect. There are different ways to prepare a child for a visit to a pediatric dentist in Houston. You could read him or her a story about dentists, show them pictures of a dentist’s office, or enact a pretend visit. In a pretend visit, you could use the child’s toothbrush to count the teeth. If cleaning or x-rays are scheduled, talk about what is involved and what to expect.
  • When talking about the dentist, avoid details that may create fearfulness or anxiety. Words like clean, health, and strong teeth are good; avoid saying words such as pain, shot, and hurt. Tell the child that their teeth may be damaged by sugar bugs.
  • Teach your child about the necessity of taking good care of your teeth. It helps if the entire family consistently brushes their teeth in the morning and at night. Explain that seeing a dentist is just as important, to keep teeth strong and prevent damage caused by cavities.

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