Houston Dentist for Kids

Houston dentist for Kids is a role in the community we are proud of. We like to work with parents to give children the benefit of excellent oral health. There is information pertaining to infants on through to teenage years that can equip parents to protect their children’s teeth. In question and answer form, the following are some of the tips and advice that we give as a Houston dentist for Kids.

Is Drinking Soda so Bad?

Yes, drinking soda is bad for your teeth and in numerous other ways is bad for your overall health. There is no nutritional value to soda. Here is the biggest reason to avoid drinking soda: One regular 20-ounce can of soda contains 65 grams of sugar, which equals about 22 sugar packs. You may need to gain an understanding of how harmful sugar is, to appreciate just how bad it is to have so much of it in one 20-ounce drink. Sugar combined with bacteria that forms in the mouth creates an acid that works away at the enamel of the teeth. There are many more health-related reasons to avoid consuming so much sugar. As your Houston dentist for Kids, we recommend cutting soda from children’s diets.

What Causes Dental Trauma for Kids?

As your Houston dentist for Kids, we can help you protect your children from dental trauma. As small as babies learning how to walk, we have advice to share. We recommend that babies not walk in walkers, due to the possibility of injuring their teeth or mouth. As kids grow, we recommend that children understand how important it is not to push other children, especially on playgrounds, where injuries can easily occur. If your children are involved in skateboarding or skating, we recommend that they wear mouth guards. In youth sporting events, the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation estimates that 3 million teeth are knocked out every year. Mouth guards are among the recommendations for staying safe during sports events.

Are There Natural Teeth Whitening Strategies for Kids?

Your Houston dentist for Kids recommends holding off on whitening treatments until children are at least 14. There are other ways to keep teeth white, however. First, children should brush twice daily with whitening toothpaste. Secondly, avoid soda, which tends to stain teeth, if consumed regularly. Third, visit the dentist every six months. As needed, professional tooth cleaning can be scheduled.

Call our office today for an appointment. We are proud to be your Houston dentist for Kids and will be glad to answer all of your questions about oral health.


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