Dentist for Kids Houston

Dentist for kids Houston is a service we love to provide the community, in addition to Houston Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, and all other dental services needed. Being a dentist for kids in Houston is important to us because we enjoy giving children a good start toward a lifetime of dental health. The following are some of the common questions parents ask, along with answers:

Should I Clean My Baby’s Teeth?

Our work as a dentist for kids in Houston begins early in a child’s life. In fact, infants need the benefit of informed parents, to avoid problems. Yes, clean your baby’s teeth with a soft, damp washcloth or gauze. In addition, be sure that you don’t allow your baby’s teeth to be in frequent contact with sugary liquids, such as milk, formula, juice, fruit juice diluted with water, or sugar water. Do not allow your child to have bottles with anything except a little water when they go to sleep. Sugary drinks can cause damage to baby teeth, even before they come in. Don’t give a baby much water, either, because an infant’s health is endangered by having more than a little water.

Should All Sugar be Avoided?

No, children do not need to give up all sugars. It is better, however, to serve sugary foods and drinks along with a main meal, as opposed to during snack time. Sugars do have a bad effect on teeth, and children should brush after eating sweets.

What Causes Cavities?

In our role as a dentist for kids Houston, we help in the fight to prevent tooth decay. Cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth that produce acids when in contact with sugary foods. The acids attack the enamel, which creates cavities or “caries.” The definition of caries is: Crumbling and decay of a tooth or bone.

How Can Cavities be Avoided?

As a dentist for kids in Houston, we always recommend flossing daily and having children brush their teeth twice per day with fluoride toothpaste. Flossing reaches spots that toothbrushes can’t get to. Without flossing, food between the teeth accelerates tooth decay.

What if My Child Has a Toothache?

If your child experiences tooth pain, we recommend first rinsing with warm salt water. In addition, if the face is swollen, place a cold compress on the affected area. If your child is not allergic to acetaminophen, give your child the proper dose. We do NOT recommend placing aspirin directly on the gums teeth. Call our office for an appointment.

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