Dentist for Toddlers Houston

Dentist for toddlers Houston needed? If you have a small child, we highly recommend that you schedule dental visits with a pediatric dentist instead of your own adult dentist. A pediatric dentist is specially trained to be a dentist for toddlers in Houston. These specialists are devoted to children’s oral health, from infancy through the teenage years. No one is more qualified than a pediatric dentist to help avoid the potential problems children face, such as oral decay and disease. Care may also be needed for early childhood dental caries, which is an infectious disease. It is five times more common for a child to suffer from dental caries than from asthma; and it is seven times more common than hay fever among toddlers.

Pediatric Training

An expert dentist for toddlers Houston or pediatric dentist has two years of residency training in dentistry for babies, children, teenagers, and children with special needs. Those two years are in addition to the usual four years of dental school.

Treatments Provided for Toddlers

The comprehensive oral health care program that a pediatric dentist for toddlers Houston provides includes the following:

  • Oral health exams for infants, which includes risk assessment for caries in baby and mother. Caries is decay and crumbling of teeth or bones, and, as mentioned, is an infectious disease.
  • Preventative oral care, which includes cleaning, fluoride treatments, and recommendations with regard to diet and nutrition.
  • Habit counseling on such topics as thumb sucking and pacifier use.
  • We may recommend that parents buy an orthodontically correct pacifier, which will help a baby’s palate and jaw develop correctly. As a dentist for toddlers Houston, we frequently work with parents as they help their children break habits that can do damage to their teeth. For example, if a toddler is an aggressive thumb-sucker, we may prescribe something with an unpleasant taste that can be placed on the thumbs that will discourage the habit.
  • Repair of defects and cavities in the teeth.
  • Early assessment and treatment for correcting an improper bite and straightening the teeth.
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions associated with various diseases, such as congenital heart defect, asthma, hay fever, diabetes, and hyperactivity disorder.
  • Management of gum conditions and diseases, including pediatric periodontal disease, mucoceles, short frenulae, and ulcers.
  • Care for dental trauma, such as teeth getting knocked out, displaced, or fractured.

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