Are you searching for a Houston Prosthodontist near your area? We understand your needs may be urgent. Especially considering the fact that you might need a doctor of this specialization. They are only going to be working on a very defined range of treatments. The selection of procedures that they can operate will be discussed in our article now. If you believe you are in need of a prosthodontist right this moment, please visit our page to make an appointment now! Otherwise, this should be quite informative for the common reader. You may find that you can get help or treatment for an issue that you didn’t know was possible. After all, with the advancements of today’s technology, that’s certainly possible!

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Prosthodontics is a very specialized field for your teeth

What Is Prosthodontics?

The role of this sort of dentist is going to be reserved for a few specific tasks. A prosthodontist is going to focus on restoration rather than the protection of the teeth. You will typically come to a prosthodontist if you are in need of fixing a chipped tooth or have lost one of your teeth.

They are going to be well versed in the study of dental function. The way that your teeth move and interact, and the strength it takes for them to bite. A prosthodontist will also record the functionality of your bite and the angles you choose. They will be able to completely restructure the type of bite you have and the teeth you use.

When you are getting extensive dental surgery, there will probably be a prosthodontist on call. Their insight is going to be critical in order to ensure the normal use of the new teeth. They will be able to help with tooth restoration. This will differ greatly from the typical cleanings than a normal dentist may be doing for you during your check-ups.

Extensive Studies & Specialization

The prosthodontist is going to be another specialized dentist. This means that they will, of course, have to go to the first 4 years of dental school. However, after they finish, they will then go on to study for 3 more years. This will give them the certification and authority to focus on prosthodontics.

Treatments of this variety are going to be very serious and often invasive. In order to provide the best care to the patient, they will need a lot more of a concentrated study. This is why you may not have heard of a prosthodontist or they are not very common within the dental clinic. This is because most require outsourcing and are not working on site.

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A prosthodontist can help with a missing tooth

Houston Prosthodontist Offer A Wide Range Of Treatments

Whether you have one on site or on call, they can still help immensely. The prosthodontist is going to provide intensive care for a number of illnesses and issues that can be slight or severe. We have listed out a basic set of options that they can help with, and if you think you might need help with any of these, please reach out to us! Marquette is fully capable of helping with whatever prosthodontic care you may require.

Tooth Reconstruction

Your teeth have a very specific design to them. They are made of certain materials to be able to withstand corrosion, forces of biting, and other impacts or influences. The result means that they are very hard to replicate. As a result, you are going to have to get a very specialized dentist to fix your teeth if they are damaged. Some doctors help with root canals, but a prosthodontist will help fix your chipped or cracked teeth. Additionally, they can rebuild a tooth if it has been moved or is missing.


In the event that your teeth are aging and they are starting to fall out, you might need to get a replacement set. This can be the case for other patients who have experienced serious oral traumas. Either way, a prosthodontist is going to be the head doctor leading the operation to get you your dentures. They will run the tests and then implement the models to see how they work with your mouth. They receive years of training to make sure these sorts of operations are carried out to the T.

Bridges & Crowns

If the issue is not as serious as needing a full set of teeth, a prosthodontist can still be needed. They will also be very helpful in getting bridges and crowns placed in. A dentist is going to be busy with cleanings and other routine treatments. When you need this sort of procedure, the prosthodontist is going to be on hand to provide the care. This is going to be the preferred method for missing teeth. A bridge is an extension of crowns, and a crown is a covering for a damaged or missing tooth.

TMJ Disorder

One of the cases that are most severe can be this disorder. It is typically a very painful experience and requires a lot of attention and focus. When patients who have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder receive treatment from the Prosthodontist, it can really help. Their treatments will range from pain relief to help the jaw joints reduce tension or even help stop the pain entirely. They can administer mouth guards that help the biting so there is less aggravation, too.

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As you can see, a Houston prosthodontist is very helpful. They are going to be the hidden hand in a lot of operations and treatments that you receive in the dental clinic. Their specialties have helped hundreds of thousands of patients in the past and Marquette wants to keep helping! If you think you need to set up an appointment with a prosthodontist, give our customer service a call or visit our website and we can prepare this for you.

Your oral health is very important to us. We want to make sure that our care is high caliber and that starts by helping our clients to stay aware and on top of their care. This will ensure that the work we do will have the best results. Make sure to reach out to us soon, we are always happy to help.


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