Marquette Dentistry provides clear aligners such as ClearCorrect in West University, TX. There are very few people who are born with perfectly straight teeth. Everyone gets two sets of teeth – your baby teeth and your adult set. When your second set break through your gums, it’s a toss-up if they understand the assignment and grow ideally in place or not.

ClearCorrect in West University TX
Marquette Dentistry offers ClearCorrect in West University, TX, for those that need a discrete orthodontic treatment.

Most of the time, they don’t. However, all hope isn’t lost. With advances in dental care, the industry has long developed a way to correct these delinquent teeth. Now, orthodontic treatments can straighten your teeth into a perfect array.

Many people think that perfecting your teeth isn’t necessary. Sure, a beautiful smile can give you a confidence boost and make a smashing first impression. However, for some patients, orthodontic treatments are required.

Your teeth assist in mundane tasks like eating and speaking. If your second set of teeth come in at unideal angles that make either difficult, orthodontic treatment is necessary. We can correct your misaligned teeth and jaws so that you can speak and eat correctly again.

Our dentistry offers a couple of different orthodontic treatments: traditional braces or clear aligners. We highly recommend that people get these treatments when they’re younger, preferably after their second set of teeth finishes growing in. However, it’s never too late for braces. Even adult patients can get them.

Contact us to schedule a consultation for your braces today. We’ll work with you step-by-step to find the most optimal treatment plan for you.

Traditional Braces v. ClearCorrect in West University, TX

We mentioned before that we have two basic options for orthodontic treatments: traditional metallic braces and clear aligners. Both of these options have their pros and cons. Before deciding which one is best for you, you should thoroughly research both methods. If you want to learn more and speak directly with one of our orthodontists, visit Marquette Dentistry today.

Select Your Starter: Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces are the traditional type, spanning back into the early 1900s or so. Of course, they’ve evolved over the century so that the apparatus doesn’t actually wrap around your entire head anymore. The modern metal braces attach to your teeth and gently shift them into their desired positions, giving you the perfect smile you want.

Of the two options, metal braces are the cheaper of the two. Luckily, most insurance plans do cover the costs of traditional braces. However, how much it covers will depend on your specific plan.

Although metal braces can get the job done, they have some downsides. Most patients mention that they’re uncomfortable to wear since they stay in your mouth throughout the duration of the treatment. The metal brackets and wire can sometimes cut into your cheek or gums, which can further irritate the inside of your mouth.

Caring for metal braces can also sometimes be troublesome. You have to alter your regular brush and floss methods to accommodate your new braces. And although the metal parts are durable, sometimes food can get stuck behind the wires and warp or snap them. Your dentist may forbid or suggest avoiding certain foods until after the treatment.

Not to mention, metal braces are very noticeable. For the more self-conscious patients, metal braces may become the bane of their existence and become an unbearable time of their life. However, once the treatment is over, we assure you that you’ll regain your self-confidence with a beautiful smile, free of misalignments and incongruities.

ClearCorrect in West University TX
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New Challenger Approaching: ClearCorrect Aligners

Now enter the latest contender in the field of orthodontic treatment: clear aligners. Clear aligners are becoming a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. Marquette Dentistry offers ClearCorrect aligners for our patients to straighten their teeth into a perfect smile.

Essentially, both traditional braces and clear aligners get to the same end result with two different methods. Of course, your traditional braces use metal braces and wires to pull and shift your teeth. On the other hand, clear aligners are similar to transparent, plastic retainers that gradually move your teeth where they should be.

Many patients prefer our ClearCorrect braces over the traditional ones because the treatment is more comfortable. Clear braces sit on your teeth and are removable, so you can eat or drink anything without restricting your diet temporarily. Not to mention, you don’t have to change up your oral hygiene routine since you can remove your aligner.

However, the downside of being removable is that you may lose it. Because it can leave your mouth, it can leave your sight. Although we can deliver a replacement to you, it may push back your treatment while you wait for the new one to arrive.

One of the best advantages of choosing clear aligners is that they’re virtually invisible. You can improve your smile without no one, none the wiser. People may not notice you have them on if you don’t purposely point them out or take them out. Clear aligners are the more discrete option between the two types of orthodontic treatment, which is what makes it a popular alternative.

Unfortunately, clear aligners are often pricier than traditional braces. Not to mention, most dental insurance plans may not cover ClearCorrect in West University, TX. If that’s the case for you, Marquette Dentistry also has various financing options for you. We want to make our services available to as many of our patients as possible, and we don’t want affordability to be an issue.

ClearCorrect in West University TX
Don’t be afraid to smile when you have a perfect one!

The Process of ClearCorrect Aligners

Clear aligners aren’t for everybody. ClearCorrect aligners are best for patients with minor to medium-level misalignment issues. The dentist may proclaim that metal braces are better for your treatment because they can more effectively straighten out the malocclusions affecting your oral health. That’s why you should schedule a consultation with our dental office about which orthodontic treatment best suits you.

Once the dentist clears you for clear aligners, you can start the treatment. Most treatment periods take anywhere between six months to 18 months, depending on the severity we’re working with. We’ll take a mold of your teeth and calculate the best path for your teeth to shift into a linear array. Once you confirm everything, we’ll send the mold of your teeth to the lab so that they can create your first pair of clear braces.

Other than when you’re eating and cleaning, you should keep these aligners on at all times. Every few weeks, we’ll ask you to come in so we can see your teeth’s progress. If everything is on track, we’ll hand over the next set of aligners, and we’ll rinse and repeat the process until your teeth are where they should be.

Like your teeth, you should also regularly clean your clear aligners. Without proper cleaning, they can stain, which makes them more noticeable. Rinse them with water and brush them lightly without using toothpaste. Toothpaste has micro bits that better clean your teeth but can scratch your clear braces.

Clear Your Confidence with ClearCorrect Braces

Not everyone’s second set of teeth will cooperate and listen to your pleas to settle in properly. Sometimes, it takes some extra effort to sort out your teeth into a perfect smile. Here at Marquette Dentistry, we have the orthodontic treatments you need to drag your rebellious teeth to where they need to be.

Call us to schedule a consultation to see if ClearCorrect braces are right for you. Or visit us for any of our other dental services, such as your regular cleaning and prevention appointments. Marquette Dentistry wants all of our patients to walk out with a confident, beautiful smile. Your teeth won’t correct themselves, but we can help straighten them out with ClearCorrect in West University, TX, today.

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