ClearCorrect in Bellaire

Boost your self-esteem and confidence with ClearCorrect in Bellaire today. Most people aren’t born with perfectly straight teeth. In fact, it’s so uncommon that we have to admire those that don’t have to rely on corrective procedures to have a naturally beautiful smile. Of course, that doesn’t stop the rest of us that do need some additional help to achieve what they already have.

ClearCorrect in Bellaire

Marquette Dentistry offers ClearCorrect in Bellaire.

Most people go through orthodontic treatments when they’re young. The optimal age for braces and other corrective procedures is soon after your adult teeth all grow in. Of course, it’s never too late to get braces. However, braces aren’t the only way to get the smile that you’ve always wanted.

ClearCorrect is an effective way to improve your smile, giving you confidence in business or social settings. ClearCorrect uses clear aligners, similar to retainers, that gradually move your teeth into their desired positions. They’re designed to sit comfortably in your mouth and produce no ill effects.

It’s already generated a huge interest in the Bellaire area. When you visit Marquette Dentistry, we can show you how ClearCorrect is a simple process that delivers fantastic results! Contact our dental office today to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Learn About ClearCorrect in Bellaire

There are a number of reasons why people choose to get braces. For some, it may be purely aesthetic – they want to enhance the look of their smile by straightening out their teeth. For others, there may be functional concerns – they may have difficulty biting or chewing, or their teeth may be poorly aligned, causing problems with their bite. In some cases, people may get braces in order to correct a speech impediment.

If you are looking for a way to improve your smile, you may want to consider ClearCorrect. ClearCorrect is a clear braces system that can help to straighten your teeth and give you the smile you have always wanted. The treatment is an aligner system that uses a series of clear, removable trays to gradually move teeth into their desired position.

Marquette Dentistry is excited to announce that we offer ClearCorrect treatment plans. As mentioned earlier, ClearCorrect is a great way to get straighter teeth without traditional metal braces. You deserve a beautiful smile, and the orthodontists with Marquette Dentistry can help you achieve it. If you are interested in learning more about how ClearCorrect can help you to improve your smile, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation today.

An Alternative to Metal Braces?

When people think about braces, they usually have a mental image of metal brackets and wires that string all of your teeth together. The metal wires put pressure on your teeth, forcing them to shuffle into a straightened formation. Until the advent of clear aligners, metal braces were the go-to procedure to improve people’s smiles.

The orthodontist will attach metal brackets to each of your teeth. Then they’ll thread a thin wire through each bracket’s hooks, securing them on the brackets that sit on the molars furthest back. If you have jaw or bite problems, you may also receive rubber bands that help to correct those dental problems.

ClearCorrect in Bellaire

Join thousands of others who used ClearCorrect aligners to perfect their smiles.

Although these traditional braces are tried and true, they aren’t the most comfortable. The metal can easily irritate or cut the inside of your cheek or gums. And, you’ll have some dietary restrictions since some foods can get stuck behind the wire and bend them, ruining the entire setup. Not to mention, they’re very eye-catching when you speak or smile.

For the more self-conscious patients, metal braces sound anxiety-inducing. That’s why if you are considering getting braces, but are not a fan of the traditional metal look, ClearCorrect in Bellaire are available. These clear braces are made of a smooth, clear plastic material and are much less noticeable than metal braces. They work in the same way as metal braces, by slowly moving your teeth into the correct position over time.

Comparing the Benefits and Drawbacks

If you’re searching for a solution for crooked or poorly aligned teeth, ClearCorrect has everything necessary to give you a stunning smile without the hassle. However, like any other dental care, there are pros and cons you should be aware of. Here’s everything you need to know before you decide on getting ClearCorrect aligners.

  • Advantages

One of the most significant advantages ClearCorrect has over traditional braces is that they’re transparent. This system is virtually invisible, making it a great option for patients who are self-conscious about wearing braces. ClearCorrect aligners are an effective way to straighten your teeth, and nobody will even realize you’re wearing them!

ClearCorrect is also much more comfortable than traditional braces and requires fewer office visits. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about having any dietary restrictions during the treatment process. That’s because they’re removable. You can continue as normal while others are struggling to avoid certain foods.

  • Disadvantages

Although teens and adults love ClearCorrect because it’s a great way to get straighter teeth without metal braces, there are some drawbacks. You have to be diligent about cleaning them because they can stain and harbor bacteria. Not to mention, if you forget to wear the aligners, it can affect the progress of your treatment.

Since the aligners are removable, there is a chance that you may misplace or lose them. And some patients may experience some mild side effects, such as headaches or discomfort when you first start wearing them.

The Process of ClearCorrect Aligners in Bellaire

As interest in ClearCorrect grows throughout the city, Marquette Dentistry dentists are working harder to provide these aligners as an alternative to standard braces. ClearCorrect is a system of clear, removable aligners that are virtually invisible. They are custom-made for your individual teeth-straightening needs. Clear aligners can help best those who are looking to improve their smile and have mild to moderate misalignment.

The process begins with a consultation with one of our dentists to see if you are a candidate for ClearCorrect. During a ClearCorrect consultation, your orthodontist will discuss your treatment options and help you choose the best plan for your smile.

If you are eligible, impressions or digital scans of your teeth are taken, so our team can create a 3D model of your mouth. We’ll send them to the ClearCorrect laboratory. Once they’re ready, we’ll deliver clear aligners that will help you get the smile you’ve always wanted, without the metal braces that have inconvenienced millions.

Why wait when the process, from start to finish, only spans between 6 and 18 months? You’ll wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day, and change them every two weeks. The aligners are gradually and gently aligning your teeth over time, and you can remove them at any time. Your orthodontist will oversee the entire process.

You’ll need to follow the dentist’s instructions on how to brush and floss your teeth to ensure excellent final results. By the end of the treatment, you’ll have a beautifully straightened set of teeth.

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ClearCorrect in Bellaire

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Of course, we offer orthodontic treatments for those who need them. Whether you want the traditional metal braces or try some innovative clear aligners, we can help. If you’re worried about your smile and feel overly self-conscious about how it looks, contact one of our cosmetic dentists today. You’ll learn how quickly you can schedule a consultation and begin using our invisible aligners.

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Bellaire, Texas Fun Facts:

  • The town’s nickname is the “City of Homes” since it’s mostly residential. However, there are offices along the 610 Loop within Bellaire’s city limits.
  • William Wright Baldwin, the president of the South End Land Company and vice-president of the Burlington Railroad founded Bellaire in 1908.
  • Baldwin stated that the town’s name means “Good Air” for its breezes, although, it might’ve also been named after Bellaire, Ohio where one of Baldwin’s railways runs through.
  • For more information, visit Bellaire’s official page.