April 9, 2019

What Is An Endodontist?

When it comes to your teeth, you need to know which specialist is right for you. Sometimes your teeth will require different treatments. There are some operations that dentists have authority over, but they only have a limit to what they are capable of. In the event that your dentist isn’t able to perform an operation, there are other doctors for the job. In today’s blog post, Marquette Dentistry will explain to you some of our new specialties. With the focus, in particular, being on Endodontists. We’ll explain to you what it is they do, and when you might need to choose one over a dentist.

What is Endodontistry?

While the overarching goal in dentistry is to keep your teeth clean and healthy, there are many fields that pertain to this demand. However, sometimes a patient’s teeth are beyond the need for mere cleaning. In fact, it can be so severe that the life of the tooth must be preserved by a root canal. While a dentist is able to perform this treatment, he is going to pass it off to a specialist more times than not. This is where the endodontists come in.

When a tooth is decaying or infected whether, from cavities or other illnesses, it needs to be cleaned from the inside out. This means cutting open the tooth and removing infected pulp from within the tooth. The contents inside the tooth are then filled with a sealant and the tooth gets closed back up.

Is It Better To Get a Root Canal From An Endodontist?

It used to be one of the most painful experiences, but with today’s technology, it can be painless. Of course, that technology must be operated by someone who has spent years training for these operations. This is why patients are often referred to see an Endodontist because they have studied to receive special certification to do root canals.

While a dentist may perform 1 to 2 root canals a week, the endodontist will likely perform over 25 a week. The difference is staggering and the efficiency is incomparable. If you experience a situation where you may need a root canal, suggest to see an endodontist. They can help you faster and more effectively than any other dental doctor.

What Other Treatments Does An Endodontist Specialize In?

Aside from root canals, other endodontic operations could include halving the tooth, repairing the injured root or even removing one or more roots. At Marquette, your endodontist will explain to you about all of the particular types of surgery your tooth could need. In some cases, an intentional replantation procedure may be carried out. During this procedure, a tooth is extracted. The endodontist then operates on it outside of the mouth before placing that tooth back in the mouth.

Come And See Your Endodontist Today!

If you are in need of one of these treatments, come to Marquette Dentistry to work with your endodontist today! A specialist can always make things easier. If you simply want to find out more about your local endodontist, come visit us. We can help clarify any further questions that you may have. Furthermore, we just want to ensure that all of the options are available when you make your next dental decision.