April 10, 2019

What Can A Periodonstist Do For You?


It is common knowledge that your gums need proper care, too. However, who is the one that specializes in gums? Is it the dentist? Chances are you may not be aware that there is, in fact, an expert whose role is to take care of the gums. That expert is a periodontist, and in our blog post today, Marquette Dentistry would like to go in-depth on the types of dental work that this doctor is responsible for. A specialist is always recommended higher than a dentist when it comes to more severe cases, and a Periodontist is usually one of the most senior ranking dental physicians in the industry.

What Sort Of Conditions Does A Periodontist Treat?

A better way to describe gums is by the term periodontal, which refers to the tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth. The supporting tissues are known as the periodontium, which includes the gingiva, alveolar bone, cementum, and the periodontal ligament. These tissues go all the way down to the jaw and are an integral part of the mouth. They keep your teeth in place even when you’re chewing on something very hard or there is great resistance from whatever you’re biting into. Often times we take our gums for granted, but they do so much more than people imagine!

Usually, when it comes to oral cleanings dentists will not directly clean your gums as much as your teeth. Their equipment is made for periodontal tissue. Fortunately, there is a periodontist who will be able to help with that. They can help with cleaning, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of gums and gum disease.

In the event that your gums have become inflamed, they will be able to mitigate the irritation and aid in removing the infection. Now, if it has grown into something more severe then the periodontist will have to apply grafts of skin tissue or even do bone surgery. These types of aid are not accessible to dentists of any kind so when a case this severe arises they almost always get a referral to the periodontist.

Periodontists Can Help You Stay Healthy

Due to the intertwined relationship between your gums and your teeth, there is a direct correlation to healthy gums and healthy teeth — and visa versa. The benefits of having strong and healthy gums are two-fold. It is a supportive layer for the teeth, and they can resist a lot of the issues that arise in the mouth. For example, the plaque is one of the leading causes of gum bleeding. It can be very dangerous to leave unprotected. After extended periods, you could experience infection of the gum. It can spread to the roots of the teeth, and worse, infect the jaw bone. That is merely one of the many problems that could occur. After all, your gums support your teeth. If the gums are unhealthy and weak, then it won’t be so easy enjoying your meals. In fact, it could even be very painful! That’s why we’ve recommended a periodontist to you, they can keep your gums healthy and taken care. This way we can prevent these sort of ailments. Let Marquette Dentistry help you today! We’d be happy to discuss your gums at your next cleaning.