March 6, 2019

What Are the Benefits of Veneers?

You can fix your smile by researching what are the benefits of veneers on the web. Are you aware of what exactly veneers are and whether or not they’d be the right fit for you? If you want to boost your confidence, you need to boost your smile. You can do that with our veneers here at Marquette Dentistry. We have services for adults and children at all of our locations. Treat yourself to a better smile with Marquette Dentistry.

Veneers at Marquette Dentistry in Houston

Veneers are thin covers that go over the front of your teeth. They are made from porcelain or other similar materials that are meant to mimic the color and texture of teeth. They can solve an array of cosmetic problems when it comes to your smile. If you have a dead tooth which is discolored, for example, a veneer would come in handy. Maybe you have a tooth that is chipped or crooked. Veneers can close the visible gaps to give you a brighter smile. They are applied onto your teeth with a simple adhesive. This makes the process an easy one.

Veneers at Marquette Dentistry

Getting veneers is a simple process

Marquette Dentistry in Houston, Texas, provides state-of-the-art veneers. Their mission is to provide you with high-quality dental care you can be proud of. They have a wide array of professionals and financing options. You can feel safe in your decision knowing you have the best available to you. Your comfort is a priority at Marquette Dentistry. It’s important you feel excited to smile again.

Cosmetic dentistry may be a pool you’re unsure about dipping your feet into. Not to worry though, the Belcher family and their qualified assistants are eager to guide you in. If you are insecure about how your teeth look, their veneers would be a great choice for you.


You need a smile you can feel proud of.

Treat Yourself to Veneers

Getting veneers is not a painful process either. When you get veneers, the dentist will remove some dental enamel. This process is so small that most patients do not require anesthesia. However, if you are more comfortable with that option, your teeth can be numbed for the process. Either way, getting veneers over your teeth should not be painful, unlike more invasive dental procedures.

The added benefit of veneers is that they can be brushed or flossed like normal teeth. They also don’t stain as your normal teeth would, because porcelain is not a porous material. You can enjoy your coffee and red wine without worrying about the cosmetic damage they will cause to your smile.

If you are interested in this process, you can visit Marquette Dentistry’s website for yourself. Here you can view all of their cosmetic processes, including veneer placement. You can also contact them at (832) 786-4406.

Marquette Dentistry is located in Houston, Texas, the largest state in the continental U.S. More information can be found about this great city here.