December 3, 2011

The Beauty of a Snap-On Smile

Thousands of people are spending incredible amounts of money on dental work that will result in their having the perfect smile.  From complete bridge replacements to in-depth surgeries, there are few techniques that go untested when pursuing stunning teeth.  However, new products and technology have opened the door for a surgery-free, Hollywood smile!  Snap-On Smile is a new approach that is gaining momentum in dental offices everywhere.  Already featured on “Great Day Houston”, a popular morning show based in Houston, Texas, Snap on Smile provides a pain-free alternative to a great set of teeth!

Marquette Dentistry was one of the first to take advantage of the new technology, offering amazing results to several patients and leading many to wonder if we hadn’t seen the last of corrective dental surgeries.  Those that were seeking out a better smile combed through the various dental specialty services in Houston, only to learn that surgery would be their only way out.  That was, of course, until Marquette began offering the Snap-On Smile technique – Houston dentistry would never be the same!  Patients were immediately able to enjoy an incredible new confidence boost when flashing their “pearly whites” in public.

Snap-On Smile is implemented by taking a unique cast of the patient’s teeth, molding the new fitting to fit perfectly, and then adhering the molding to the teeth.  With a twelve month warranty, users can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile without enduring the painful procedures that once offered the only relief from crooked, chipped, or deteriorating smiles.

Nothing is as important as your personal confidence, so if you feel that your smile is in need of a make-over, consider the professionals at Marquette Dental Care to be your solution.  They show you why Snap-On Smile has taken the industry by storm!