Pediatric Dental Specialist Houston

Pediatric dental specialist Houston provides the important service of ensuring that your children have healthy gums and teeth. Other services that we offer include cosmetic dentistry, Houston Invisalign, and implants in Houston. Getting your children off to the right start with their dental needs is part of being a pediatric dental specialist in Houston. One way in which we help is by providing valuable information.

Pediatric Dental Specialist Houston

Six Little Known Dental Facts Regarding Children’s Teeth

Your pediatric dental specialist Houston knows the secrets of dental health, including those that few parents seem to be aware of. The more you know, the better off your children will be, as regards protecting their teeth from harm.

1 – Babies’ teeth need cleaning, too. Even before the first tooth comes in the sugars in formula, milk, and juice can create damage to the gums and affect the baby teeth and the permanent teeth that come in later. Our pediatric dental specialist in Houston recommends using a dampened soft cloth or piece of gauze to gently wipe your infant’s gums after meals.

2 – The first dental visit should occur before your baby’s first tooth comes in. Your pediatric dental specialist in Houston can help diagnose potential problems and equip you to help your child have healthy teeth. Early and frequent visits to the dentist will also make your child more comfortable at the dentist’s office.

3 – Protecting baby teeth is very important because they do the job of holding the place for permanent teeth. If the baby experiences dental trauma of some kind or loses a tooth, the permanent teeth may not come in correctly.

4 – At an early age, it is important to teach your child to floss and brush daily. The sooner you initiate the brushing routine, the better the odds that your child will enjoy a lifetime of dental health.

5 – Foods like potato chips and corn chips are as damaging to teeth as sugary foods. The carbohydrates in the foods turn into sugar, and the starchy chips also cause debris to literally stick to your teeth, promoting tooth decay.

6 – If your child takes an iron supplement, there is the potential that the teeth can develop unsightly dark, permanent stains. In most cases, these types of stains cannot even be removed by a professional.

Do you have any questions about your children’s teeth or your own dental needs? Contact us, your adult and pediatric dental specialist Houston, today.

Pediatric Dental Specialist Houston


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