Kids Pediatric Dentistry Houston

Kids pediatric dentistry Houston at Marquette Dentistry has the important goal of helping children remain cavity-free. There is only so much that can be accomplished in the dental chair, however. The parents are really the ones responsible, when a child maintains teeth that are cavity-free.

Tips for Children to Avoid Cavities

Oral health is actually very important to overall health. Kids pediatric dentistry Houston shares the following secrets to raising children that have excellent dental health, free of cavities:

  • Begin practicing oral health at birth. After each feeding and burping, wipe your newborn baby’s mouth clean with a damp cloth. Before teeth even come in, dental care is needed because gums need the same attention as the teeth. To avoid the development of bacteria and acids caused by the sugars in formula and breast milk, clean the mouth routinely. This is a great way to start your baby off with good oral hygiene.
  • At kids pediatric dentistry Houston, we help you understand hazards that you may not know about. One such hazard is baby bottle tooth decay. Although it is normal for parents to want to leave a bottle with a baby or toddler at nap time or at night, the practice is a threat to oral health. The sugars in milk or juice cause harmful acids and bacteria to attack the teeth and gums throughout the night or until the teeth and gums are brushed. If you do leave a bottle with your child at night, give him or her a bottle with a small amount of water. Please note that too much water can endanger the health of an infant.
  • A common concern we have at kids pediatric dentistry Houston is that children will develop the habit of thumb-sucking. Pacifiers can be damaging, as well, but thumb-sucking especially has the potential to do serious damage to a child’s teeth and mouth. Infants and toddlers often find thumb-sucking to be a calming habit, but if it continues after teeth have come in, many different problems can develop, such as shifting of the teeth.
  • If there is no fluoride in your drinking water, our office for kids pediatric dentistry in Houston will recommend fluoride supplements. Beginning at about age 2, brushing with fluoride can begin.

Don’t forget that the best way to instill good habits in your children is to practice them yourself. Brush and floss daily, and contact us today for an appointment for yourself or for kids pediatric dentistry Houston.


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