Kids Dentist Houston TX

Kids dentist Houston TX  needed for a pediatric dental procedure? At Marquette Dentistry in Houston, we offer adult procedures as well as procedures for children. Adult services include Houston Lumineers, Houston Invisalign, and much more. We also provide all of the preventative services offered by a kids dentist in Houston TX.

Fluoride Treatments

Children as young as six months of age may need a dental fluoride treatment, which we offer, as a kids dentist in Houston TX. A fluoride treatment is an excellent defense against caries, which is tooth decay. The best sources for fluoride for children are:

  • Drinking fluoridated water and
  • Brushing with fluoride toothpaste.

Fluoride in public drinking water has become a concern among many people, but research also shows that once water fluoridation began, tooth decay among the general population decreased by over 50%. For maximum benefit, only a small amount of fluoride is needed.

Fluoride supplements, including the use of fluoride toothpaste, should be monitored in order to prevent an overdose. Too much fluoride can cause unsightly spots to develop on permanent teeth.

Benefits of fluoride include:

  • Teeth are more resistant to decay
  • It can repair tiny areas of decay before they develop into large cavities
  • Germs in the mouth are less effective at causing decay

Dental Sealants

As a kids dentist Houston TX, we also recommend dental sealants as a proven strategy for protecting against decay, particularly in the molar areas, which are vulnerable. Sealants are  preventative treatments that are typically placed on permanent molars, though they can also be placed on baby teeth that are at risk for developing cavities.

Sealants are a non-invasive procedure which a kids dentist in Houston TX often recommends. A white colored resin is coated on the teeth, and it fills up the areas where potential cavities might form. Patients do not need to be numb during the process. It only takes a couple of minutes for the entire procedure.

Sealants are excellent at protecting the teeth that are difficult to reach and are often, therefore, not brushed properly. They are also the teeth most involved with chewing, which means they are the ones most exposed to bacteria and food.

The right time to evaluate a child and determine whether sealants are recommended is age 6. The best time to place sealants is when molars first erupt, to protect them from future decay.

To help your children achieve excellent oral health, contact us today, your kids dentist Houston TX, for preventative treatments or whatever dental procedure be needed.


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