Kids Dentist Houston Texas

Kids dentist Houston Texas provides all of the treatments designed to help children achieve oral health. Not all dental procedures are appropriate for children. At Marquette Dentistry, we offer cosmetic dentistry, Houston Lumineers, Houston implants, and Invisalign for adults. We also provide all of the procedures necessary in the proper treatment of children. One of the types of treatment that is appropriate for children and therefore offered by your kids dentist Houston Texas  is bonding.

What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding is the application of composite resin, which is a plastic. The resin is tooth-colored and becomes bonded to the tooth. Bonding is one of the procedures used for children by kids dentist Houston Texas.

When is Dental Bonding Needed?

Your pediatric dentist may recommend dental bonding for a child in the following circumstances:

  • If a tooth is decayed and needs repair.
  • If a tooth has become cracked or chipped and needs repair.
  • The appearance of a tooth needs to be improved.
  • If a tooth needs to be changed to a different shape.
  • If the root of a tooth is exposed when the gums recede.
  • There are times when tooth bonding is used instead of amalgam fillings. Depending on the location and extent of tooth decay, bonding fillings may be used on the front or back teeth.

About the Dental Bonding Procedure

As a kids dentist Houston Texas, we want children to be comfortable receiving dental care. We always let our patients know what they can expect. A dental bonding procedure typically lasts between a half hour and an hour. The following is what can basically be expected:

  • There is very little preparation needed for a dental bonding procedure. Anesthesia is usually not necessary. If it is used for the purpose of filling a tooth with decay, however, anesthesia is often used for children.
  • A shade guide is used to choose a color for the composite resin, and it is chosen to closely match the color of your child’s tooth.
  • During the bonding process, the surface of the tooth is roughened. Next, a condition liquid is applied to the tooth. These two steps ensure adherence of the bonding material to the tooth.
  • The putty-like, tooth-colored resin is applied to the tooth, molded, and smoothed to the shape desired.
  • A laser or ultraviolet light is used to harden the material.
  • Once the material has hardened, your kids dentist Houston Texas will trim, shape, and polish the tooth.

Contact us today for dental bonding or whatever type of dental care is needed. We are an experienced adult and kids dentist Houston Texas.


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