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Kids dental Houston is needed for families who understand the importance of beginning dental care early on in life. There are many times when a child ends up dealing with problematic issues unnecessarily simply because his or her parents were unaware of various behaviors that can damage the teeth either permanently or enough to require braces. We recommend contacting our office for kids dental in Houston even before an infant’s first tooth comes in. A lot can go wrong, due to a lack of understanding about proper dental care and hygiene for babies.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

There are several terms for baby bottle tooth decay, including early childhood caries, nursing bottle syndrome, and nursing caries. The term “caries” means crumbling or decay of tooth or bone. Nursing caries, unfortunately, is a widespread problem that is entirely preventable.

The cause of baby bottle tooth decay is frequently exposing an infant’s mouth to sugars in drinks, including:

  • Formula
  • Milk
  • Fruit juice
  • Water-diluted fruit juice
  • Unswallowed breast milk
  • Sugar water

When a baby naps or is put to bed with a bottle that contains any of the above-named liquids, the sugars are creating bacteria that can damage or destroy baby teeth. When baby teeth are destroyed, permanent teeth are usually adversely affected. The role of baby teeth is partly to guide permanent teeth into the correct position. When baby teeth are damaged or lost, the permanent teeth will not align properly, creating unsightly problems that affect bite. Braces usually become necessary.

Precautions of Nursing

According to experienced kids dental Houston, parentscan prevent baby bottle tooth decay by only allowing a child to have a small amount of water in his or her bottle when lying down. Of course, it can be difficult to coax a child into accepting a replacement for the comfort provided by a bottle containing a sugary drink, but it is worth the effort. Kids dental Houston recommends:

  • Do not dip a pacifier in anything sweet or sugary.
  • Find other ways to comfort or calm your infant besides giving him or her a bottle with sugary drinks. We recommend a small amount of water. Parents should be aware that it can be extremely hazardous to give infants more than a little water.
  • Even before any of a baby’s teeth come in, use a damp cloth or a piece of gauze to wipe off his or her gums after drinking.

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