Houston TX Emergency Pediatric Dentist

Are you in need of a Houston TX Emergency Pediatric Dentist, but you are not sure where to turn to? Perhaps you have a child that bit into an apple too hard and now their tooth is chipped. Maybe you have a child that is having an enormous amount of pain in their mouth. If this is the case, Marquette Dentistry has got you covered. We are an emergency pediatric dentist office that is open six days a week to ensure that your child is getting the dental help they need.

Did your child bite into something too hard and now they have a chipped tooth? If so, here at Marquette Dentistry we have the dental professionals that can help. With chipped teeth we offer bonding. Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that can repair chipped teeth. With bonding, tooth-colored materials are attached, or bonded, to a tooth surface. Bonding also is used to protect exposed tooth roots that result from gum recession and to fill small cavities.

Children no longer have to settle for chipped teeth with the help of Marquette Dentistry. If this is a problem you are wanting to address quickly, speak with our professionals here at Marquette Dentistry. All you need to do is give our friendly professionals a call today by dialing 832-786-4406 and we will take care of the rest to ensure your child’s smile is back to looking great!

Pediatric Dental Treatments

Do you have a child that is having a hard time chewing food? Normal pits and grooves on the chewing surfaces of back teeth can trap food that can’t be removed by brushing or washed out by water or saliva. Because of this, some children will have problems properly chewing food and can be in discomfort. The solution to this can be fixed with sealants.

A sealant is a tough, plastic material designed to bond (stick) to tooth enamel. These clear or tooth-colored sealants are painted onto the tooth surface to “seal” the pits and grooves and protect against decay. Sealants are generally applied to children’s first permanent back teeth. Sealants are an excellent way to protect the chewing surfaces of teeth from decay and chewing discomfort.

If you are looking to help your child chew more comfortably, contact the professionals at Marquette Dentistry today. Give our friendly specialists a call today by dialing 832-786-4406. We are glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have. And we will take care of setting up your appointment as quickly as possible.

Mouth Pain No More

Is your child complaining about having a toothache? If so, it is possible that they may have a cavity. Anytime your child is having mouth pain it is imperative to bring them into the dentist office. The sooner you bring your child in, the sooner we can diagnose the problems with X-rays in our office. Dental x-rays or radiographs are very important. They allow the dentist to detect problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye. 

Are you worried about your child being exposed to radiation? We use the most modern x-ray technology available today. Because our x-ray machines are digital, the radiation exposure is reduced by about 90 percent! Because of this, you will not have to worry about your child being exposed to excess radiation. And our professionals will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and effectively.

When you are needing a team of professionals that will work vigorously to determine the mouth pain your child is suffering from, contact Marquette Dentistry today. We have a team of professionals that do not like to see children in pain. Because of this, they work swiftly to diagnose the problem and correct the problems as quickly as possible. If your child is suffering from mouth pain give our specialists a call today by dialing 832-786-4406.

Don’t Wait- Contact Marquette Dentistry Today!

When you are in need of a Houston TX Emergency Pediatric Dentist, Marquette Dentistry is here to provide the solutions to all your dental challenges. We are an award winning dental practice because we provide the highest quality dental care, consultation, and experience in the community. When your child comes to our dental office they will have a great dental experience that will leave them never dreading the dentist office again.

Our team of highly trained dental care professionals will give your child the best dental care you can find. Because of this, we strive to educate children on proper dental hygiene so they can have a healthier bite and smile. We do everything possible to ensure your child’s comfort during every visit to our office.

See the smile difference we can make for your child by giving our friendly specialists a call by dialing 832-786-4406. You can also visit our website at https://marquettedentistry.com/ to learn more information on why we are the best pediatric dental office in the Houston area. We look forward to hearing from you and providing the best dental care for your child today!

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