Houston Pediatric Dentist

Houston pediatric dentist appointments can be made at Marquette Dentistry for all of the dental needs a child may have. We also specialize in adult dental care and offer Lumineers, Invisalign, and Houston implants. One of the most common types of procedures that we perform as a Houston pediatric dentist is dental fillings.

What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is a procedure used to restore the function and integrity of a tooth that has become damaged by decay or some type of external trauma. Dental caries is tooth decay, and it is the most common chronic disease among children between the ages of 6 and 11 years old as well as adolescents through age 19. A dental filling is the most common method used by Houston pediatric dentists for the treatment of dental caries.

When is a Dental Filling Needed?

A Houston pediatric dentist will recommend a dental filling to treat cavities, to repair broken or cracked teeth, or to repair teeth damaged by misuse, such as from tooth grinding or nail-biting. Benefits of restoring the structure of the teeth with dental filling material include:

  • Reestablishing the adequate function of the tooth.
  • Limiting damage caused by dental decay or trauma.
  • Preventing further damage to the tooth structure.
  • Making teeth cleaning easier.
  • Lowering the mouth’s bacterial count.
  • Helping to prevent halitosis (bad breath).
  • Helping to prevent loss of a tooth.
  • Helping to prevent nerve damage in a tooth.

What Kinds of Dental Fillings are Used?

There are many different types of filling materials that can be used in teeth. Your Houston pediatric dentist will make the appropriate recommendations for your child’s tooth. Part of the equation, in selecting the type of dental filling to use, is which classification applies to the affected tooth. There are six classifications. For example, Class I is the chewing surface of the back teeth. Class V is the cheek or tongue side of a back tooth, just above the gumline.

What is the Procedure for Fillings Like?

The basic procedure that your Houston pediatric dentist will typically use follows:

  • The affected area is numbed.
  • The damaged tooth structure is removed, leaving only a healthy tooth structure.
  • The dental filling is placed inside the tooth. It is then appropriately shaped, smoothed, and polished.
  • The bite is adjusted until closing the teeth feels natural and flossing between the teeth is possible.

For a filling or any other dental needs for adults or children, contact us today for a Houston pediatric dentist appointment.


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