Houston Kids Dentist

Houston kids dentist needed for a root canal for a child?  Root canal therapy for kids might be an appropriate treatment if your child has a tooth that is sensitive to temperatures, has a chipped or cracked tooth, or feels pain in a tooth. Primary teeth are extremely important, and we offer procedures to help keep a child’s teeth intact, as opposed to being extracted prematurely. Root canal therapy may seem like an invasive type of treatment, but it is much less complicated to perform on children as opposed to adults.

Differences In Adult/Kids Root Canals

When a child has a pulpotomy done, only the pulp chamber that is infected is removed. The dentist does not require special instruments to remove the pulp from a tooth’s root because only the chamber’s surface nerve structure is removed. A Houston kids dentist doesn’t hesitate to recommend a root canal for a child because the procedure can be helpful and yet it is much faster and far less painless for children, as compared with adults. When the treatment is completed, a baby crown is immediately placed on the tooth. The tooth is weakened and needs the protection of the crown.

How Painful is the Root Canal for Children?

No dentist can deny that a root canal for adults can be very painful, but it is different, as mentioned above, for children. There should be minimal pain after the treatment is completed because the affected nerves in the tooth have been removed. Local anesthesia is used to completely numb the tooth itself, and this occurs during the treatment.

We have learned that any dental procedure, including the placement of a crown, can be sensitive for about two weeks. It is important to continue brushing as usual, with special care to brush around the gums of the tooth, in order to prevent them from becoming inflamed. Bring your child back to his or her Houston kids dentist if excessive irritation or pain is experienced following a dental procedure of any kind.

Why do a Root Canal on a Baby Tooth?

It is not uncommon for parents to ask their Houston kids dentist why a root canal on a baby tooth is necessary, since the tooth will fall out anyway. One reason is that baby teeth serve the same function as permanent teeth will someday; removal of baby teeth can affect speech and eating.

If your child is experiencing tooth pain, a root canal may be the proper procedure. Come see us today, your Houston kids dentist, for a dental examination.


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