Dentists Pediatric Dentistry Houston

Dentists pediatric dentistry Houston provide important services and resources, to help parents guide their children into dental health. We are Houston cosmetic dentists, as well. One of the issues that is important to us is helping children and adults maintain the whiteness of their teeth.

Stains on the Teeth

The following are some tips from our dentists in pediatric dentistry Houston for keeping children’s teeth nice and white and recognizing signs of possible tooth decay:

  • If your child’s teeth begin to look orange or yellow, the cause may be a build-up of plaque that is stained by food debris. This can happen when teeth are not adequately cleaned. To remove these stains from a toddler’s teeth, add a small amount of adult toothpaste to the child’s toothbrush. Adult toothpaste has more scrubbing power than children’s toothpaste. Another remedy that usually works is to apply a bit of bicarbonate of soda and water to the teeth. If these remedies fail, our dentists in pediatric dentistry Houston can get the stains off with a professional scrubbing technique.
  • If your child has stains on his or her teeth, it may or may not be a sign of tooth decay. It is not good to allow plaque to remain on the teeth because it can cause gum disease. Starting at age 2, toddlers should use toothpaste with fluoride twice daily, to help prevent buildup of plaque.
  • One question often asked of our dentists pediatric dentistry Houston is why a child’s teeth have mottled pale brown stains or white patches. These conditions are typically caused by taking in too much fluoride. The problem can be prevented by being careful to choose a toothpaste that is appropriate for your child’s age. For children under 3, apply only a smear of toothpaste to the brush. Between 3 and 6 years old, use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.
  • If dark stains appear on your toddler’s teeth, your dentists in pediatric dentistry Houston will probably ask whether the child takes an iron supplement, which is usually the cause. These types of stains are extremely difficult to remove, even when tackled by professional cleaning methods. The resulting stained color doesn’t affect a child’s health, but it does affect the look of his or her smile.
  • If a toddler falls and damages the teeth, they can become discolored. This is caused by the fact that the nerve and blood supply dies, resulting in darkening of the tooth from within.

If you have any question about your child’s dental health or your own dental needs, please call (832) 786-4406 to schedule an appointment with our dentists pediatric dentistry Houston.


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