Children Dentist Houston

And Nursing Bottle Syndrome

Children dentist Houston is one of our specialties at Marquette Dentistry. We provide many services, in addition to pediatric dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, and rehabilitative treatment. One of our primary concerns as a children dentist in Houston is to help ensure that infants get an early start toward dental health. Among the critical issues we address is nursing bottle syndrome, also referred to as baby bottle tooth decay, nursing caries, and early childhood caries.

What is Nursing Bottle Syndrome?

Nursing bottle syndrome occurs when a child’s mouth is frequently in contact with drinks that are sugary, which includes milk, formula, fruit juices, diluted fruit juices, and sugar water. As a children dentist in Houston, we provide parents with the information they need to prevent dental problems, including how to avoid baby bottle tooth decay. The sugary drinks cause teeth to become decayed, which can result in pain, difficulty chewing and eating, and damaged or destroyed baby teeth. When baby teeth are damaged, adult teeth rarely line up properly in the mouth.

Children Dentist Houston

Tips for Preventing Nursing Bottle Syndrome

Nursing bottle syndrome is a preventable dental problem. The following are tips for preventing nursing baby bottle tooth decay:

  • Do not dip your infant’s pacifier in honey or a sugary substance of any kind.
  • Never put your infant to bed with a bottle containing a sugary drink. Even if juice is diluted with water, it contributes to an increased risk of tooth decay.
  • When nursing your baby, always remove your breast from the child’s mouth when he or she falls asleep.
  • Do not add sugar to your baby’s food.
  • After each feeding, wipe your infant’s teeth and gums with a wet cloth or gauze. This will help to remove the sugar and bacteria (which forms plaque) that builds up on the teeth and gums.
  • As your children dentist in Houston, we will provide you with fluoride treatments or supplements that may be needed, if your drinking water is not fluoridated.
  • By your child’s first birthday, transition him or her to drinking from a cup. The teeth are exposed to less sugar, when a child drinks from a “sippy cup” instead of from a bottle. However, constant sipping from a cup can also be the cause of baby bottle tooth decay, unless the cup is filled with water.

For questions about your child’s dental health, contact us, your children dentist Houston. 832-786-4406

Children Dentist Houston


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