Houston smile makeover sound like a dream come true? If your teeth are missing, decayed, stained, or gapped, the good news is that there are options of procedures for giving you a beautiful smile makeover in Houston. Some solutions are more invasive than others, just as some are much more expensive than others. According to experts, the range of dental treatment options are practically limitless, whether you need tooth shaping, stains removed, whitening, or the general appearance of your smile improved. And perhaps the most important thing about a Houston smile makeover to understand is that there are numerous benefits to having a genuinely nice smile.

Make a Better First Impression

A first impression is a significant thing. After all, you only get a single chance to make a good first impression. While it’s important not to make snap judgments about people, there’s no way around the fact that some people have difficulty overcoming their first impression about someone. A smile can be a big part of whether a first impression is good or bad, which is why many people get a smile makeover in Houston.

What Does a Nice Smile Communicate?

Right or wrong, research has proven time and again that people make certain conclusions about individuals who have a nice smile as opposed to an okay or unattractive smile. One study showed that people with straight teeth are perceived by others as more intelligent, more successful, and as having more opportunities for dating. There are a few statistics to go along with the research results, and they all make a good case for getting a smile makeover in Houston:

  • Approximately 73% of Americans are more prone to trust a person with a nice smile as opposed to a person with a good job or a nice car or outfit.
  • People who have straight teeth are considered 57% more likely to get a date than a person with crooked teeth, based on a photograph alone.
  • More people would avoid a second date with a person with crooked teeth (38%) than a second date with a person who lives with their parents (23%)
  • About 29% of the population in the U.S. says that teeth are the first feature of a person’s face that they notice.

Life, Happiness, and Smiling?

You’ve probably met someone who hated their teeth and covered their mouth when they smiled, or you may have seen a person like that on television. It’s difficult to have a confident smile when your teeth need a smile makeover in Houston. Another reason to fix your teeth so that you are encouraged to smile more is that smiling apparently stimulates happiness in our brains more powerfully than chocolate, a well-known inducer of pleasure. A clear connection has also been discovered between how big a person on their baseball card photo smiled and how long they lived, which was an average of 7 years longer than those who didn’t smile.

There seems to be no doubt that a Houston smile makeover can be seriously life-changing.


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