Hello! Are you looking for a 77074 Houston Dentist Office Near Me? If you are in the 77074 area, Marquette Dentistry is close nearby. We are a friendly local dentist committed to the needs of our community. When you step into our office, you will feel our kindness and eagerness to help you with your dental procedure. Our qualified assistants and dentists will walk you through everything so that you are fully prepared. Afterward, you will leave our office with a smile on your face.

We know what you are thinking. Leaving the dentist with a smile on your face is unlikely. You may be in pain or tired after a long appointment. However, we still make this our goal and want to do our best to achieve it through great service and thoughtfulness. You want a dentist who prioritizes your comfort and needs. At Marquette Dentistry, we can do that for you.

Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentist

77074 Houston Dentist Office Near Me

Meet your local dentist

Marquette is located near the intersection of the Southwest Freeway and Gessner. This makes our location ideal for 77074 natives. You will be treated like family at our wonderful establishment. Furthermore, our office will make you a priority so that your needs will be met before you leave. Any office who understands that you should be their priority is bound to succeed. We are family-owned and operated. This creates an environment that is casual and comfortable because we all know each other so well.

We are offering the best in terms of cosmetic dentistry in Houston. Take the time to take a look at our About Us page, where you can see all of the friendly faces who will be helping you. Each of these individuals is fully dedicated to fulfilling your needs and ensuring you leave their office with a bright smile. You can’t go wrong with Marquette.

What Marquette Can Do For You

Marquette is a full-service dentist office, though we place an emphasis on our great cosmetic services. This way, we are bringing more beautiful smiles into the world. Since you are looking for us, we may guess that you are having issues with your teeth. Are you missing one or several adult teeth? Or perhaps you are suffering from an infection? Maybe your teeth are very stained and shaking your confidence. Either way, we can help you successfully. However, you should access your needs before proceeding. Take a moment to consider what services you may need.

If you are;

  • Missing teeth,
  • Thinking you may have an infection in the teeth or gums,
  • Worried about stains, cracks, or chips in your teeth,
  • Noticing loose adult teeth,
  • In need of braces or aligners,
  • Considering dentures or implants,
  • or seeking to rebuild your confidence in your teeth, Marquette can help you.

Your Best Options

77074 Houston Dentist Office Near Me

Let’s think about what you need

Did you see your situation in any of the suggestions above? Then you are in need of dental care. It may seem like a hassle, but we want to make this process as painless for you as possible. The earlier you contact us about your dental needs, the earlier your discomfort and concern can end. Let’s lay out some potential problems and which dental procedures could possibly be suited to fix it.

Missing Teeth

Unfortunately, we don’t produce new adult teeth like sharks. Once your adult teeth come out, they never come back. This can upset the appearance of your smile and leave you with potential jaw problems. When you have missing teeth, bridges, implants, or dentures can be implemented to help you.

Stains, Cracks, and Chips

You like coffee, we get it. However, tooth enamel is a very porous material, and therefore susceptible to staining easily. Teeth age just like us. You could also have cracks and chipping. Veneers could solve any of these problems. Bonding and enamel-shaping can help with the latter two, and tooth whitening should be your first choice in case of staining.

Gaps or Overlapping

In the case that you have some gaps or overlapping, you may want to change the shape of your teeth. You can do this through braces, ClearCorrect aligners, or tooth bonding. Some of these solutions take longer than others.

Infections and Pain

Infections can create dire circumstances. Do not wait for infections to get worse. You may be in need of an emergency root canal and filling. Pain could also be an indicator of infection or cracks. You will want to have this checked on and potentially receive a crown to prevent further infection.

Standard Dental Exams

You may not be having an issue right now, but prevention is key! Regular cleanings are highly recommended since it offers the best care for your teeth. Also, if an issue was arising, our dentists could catch it before it became worse. Similarly, if you think a potential issue may be arising, a dental exam will ensure that we all can discover what the issue may be. Your oral health is paramount to your health and confidence in general. Our oral surgerons can help uphold that so that you can put your dental worries behind you.

There are many more possibilities, so you will need a professional opinion before proceeding. We advise that you come in for a consultation or reach out to us over the phone or email to discuss your needs.

How To Contact Marquette Dentistry

77074 Houston Dentist Office Near Me

Are you ready to get into contact with us?

Whether you are in need of oral surgery or cosmetic dentistry, Marquette can help. Again, we aim to treat you like family and watch you leave with a smile on your face. Call us today at (832) 786-4406 or make an appointment online through the form. Either one of these options will put you in direct contact with our specialists so that we may prepare your appointment. Now you have found your 77074 Houston Dentist Office Near Me.

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