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We want to talk to you about the services that we offer here. Some of these include rehabilitative treatment, smile improvement, cleanings and preventions, and just about anything else you can think of. There are many benefits to regular dental care that we would like to touch on with you. After all, taking care of your teeth should be a necessity. Marquette wants to treat you like family. We have great financing options and services available to you.

What Are My Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

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Veneers are a simple process

Considering cosmetic dentistry? There are many potential routes to take. However, which route you take depends highly on what the issue actually is. You won’t want to whiten your missing teeth, similarly, you won’t need bonding done if your teeth are too close together. Therefore, it is important to consider what each aspect of cosmetic dentistry is so you can find what you need.

For your convenience, we want to take a look at every aspect of cosmetic dentistry we offer on our website. There is no longer a need to search 77074 Dental Clinic in Google.


Your teeth will have veneers placed over them, which cover the front and are made of porcelain. They are relatively easy to apply and a good solution if you have very stained or cracked teeth.

Tooth Whitening

Whitening gel and UV lights are used to whiten your teeth over a short period of time. It is simple, painless, and fast. This is very effective if all you need is whitening.


Bonding is when an enamel-colored resin is used to bond your teeth together, and the resin becomes hard after application. It can last between 3 and 5 years.

Enamel Shaping

Use of a putty-like substance to shape the appearance and contour of your teeth. This is a good solution for teeth that are too long, crooked, or cracked.


A crown is a cap placed over a tooth, usually one that has had a root canal done on it or a prior infection. This cap is meant to prevent further infection from seeping into the tooth.


In order to prevent jaw problems, bridges act as a literal bridge between two teeth that are separated by an empty space. If you have had a tooth removed, especially if it’s a molar, you will want a bridge to prevent possible jaw issues.


ClearCorrect is the latest advancement in the way of braces. Unlike braces, which are wire installations in your teeth known to cause a lot of pain, ClearCorrect are clear aligners shaped to your teeth that are over time adjusted to help you reach your goal. You can remove them from your mouth at will to eat or drink without interruption.

What Are My Medical Options?

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What is causing you discomfort?

First, you need to assess what the issue may be. If you have a tooth infection, a root canal could save your tooth while removing the root of the problem. If you are in need of rehabilitative treatment, it may be time to consider implants or dentures. Lastly, you may just be in need of standard cleanings and preventions.

  • Do you have a tooth or multiple teeth that are sensitive to temperature?
  • Are you often in pain due to something in your mouth?
  • Have you lost teeth, or do you have loose or chipped teeth?
  • Are you missing several teeth?
  • Do you have a severe infection in your teeth or gums?
  • Are you in need of standard cleaning or maintenance?

If you answered yes to any of these, you need to come to Marquette. Some of these would be considered dental emergencies that require immediate care. For example, a loose adult tooth can be lost and would have to be replaced in order to retain a cohesive smile. You would likely rather keep your tooth. Furthermore, an infection in your teeth or gums can, in extreme cases, lead to infections in your bloodstream, neck, or head. In order to avoid hospitalization, you will need to visit a dentist as soon as you can.

At Marquette, we offer root canals, implants to replace lost teeth, dentures, crowns, cleaning, and pain prevention. Any dental issue you have, we can help with. Make sure that you are prioritizing your own comfort and safety. Come to us before your dental issues become worse.

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