Have you ever gotten treatment from a Houston endodontist? These are one of the rarest forms of dentists that you can find in the industry. While technically, every endodontist can work as a dentist, there are only 3% dentists which can also perform operations as an endodontist. These specialists are going to be heralded as “tooth savers”, and we will explain why throughout this article. If you think you might need the skillsets of an endodontist, you can always contact us here to schedule a new appointment. Otherwise, we want to go in-depth on their role and showcase how endodontists are doing wonders for dental care worldwide as well as our practice at Marquette Dentistry.

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Unlike general dentists, endodontists are used for more specialized root canal therapy.

Specialized Education

The average dentist is going to go through around 8 years of schooling that consists of their undergraduate and their 4 years at dental school. The training is rigorous, intensive and very demanding. However, when it comes to an endodontist, they are going to have to stay in school for around 2-3 years AFTER dental school. That means you could be looking at around 10-11 years of schooling to get the honors of being an endodontist. Their focuses are strictly on the properties, care, and preservation of the dental pulp. This is the soft tissue that is found inside your teeth. Their main role is going to be protecting the teeth from infection and disease.

Just to give you a little perspective, there are several layers that will make up your teeth. The first layer is going to be called the enamel, which is where the white colored material will be found. Underneath this, you have the ultra hard bone-like layer that will be known as dentin and it is the source of your tooth’s strength and durability. After the enamel and the dentin, you have the pulp. As we stated earlier, this is going to be the soft tissue that provides nutrients to your tooth. An endodontist is going to be primarily focused on the pulp of the tooth, but they will interact with all levels.

Focus On Root Canals

When an endodontist is in the dental clinic, this is going to be for a very specific reason. These types of dental specialists do not clean teeth or give fillings. They aren’t going to be putting braces in your mouth or extracting wisdom teeth. Their sole task is going to be root canals. In fact, the average endodontist will perform 25 root canals a week!

Their objective is to save damaged or diseased teeth and provide a diagnosis for hard to decipher tooth and facial pain. Some of our clients will receive a unique focus from an endodontist if we have had trouble locating the source of their oral pain. This is why they require so much training because the work of a root canal is not easy.

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Our Houston Endodontic treatment for natural teeth has received a lot of positive experiences!

The Process Of A Root Canal

These are one of the most common and before the modern age, painful, treatments that you could get. The reason being is they are very invasive. A root canal is essentially the process of drilling into your tooth and removing the pulp from the inside. This is because the pulp has become infected or damaged. When that occurs, you could run the risk of suffering even more serious illnesses and it is not advisable. A root canal will protect the tooth and the patient by removing the infected tissue.

This will nullify the potential spread of disease but it used to be incredibly painful, too. That was due to the fact that you were actually having someone drill a hole into your tooth, and remove nerves. If you didn’t know, nerves are going to be the source and determiner of sensations. Meaning pain. Therefore, having your soft tissue removed after drilling a hole is almost like adding insult to injury.

However, the endodontist is also very trained in controlling your pain which we will discuss in the following section. After they are finished removing and filling the core of the tooth, they will reseal the hole and cover it with a filling before finishing the procedure. After a few days, you should be back to normal and capable of eating whatever you like. Just make sure and keep a healthier diet this time as most root canals are a result of cavities!

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Our root canal treatments have been known to be pain-free!

Experts In Pain Management

Due to the fact that these treatments are incredibly painful, endodontists are also highly skilled at managing your pain. They have done a lot of studies and research in the field of anesthesia. These are concoctions of certain substances which contribute to numbing pain in the body. You can do local anesthetics or full body numbing agents, it just depends on the operation.

In the event of a root canal, you will only be using a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding areas. As a result, they have been able to turn one of the most painful and excruciating experiences into a relative walk in the park. It’s really quite astonishing to see how the advancements within Dentistry have brought the field so far.

Cutting Edge Technology

Finally, in order to perform these operations with such volume means they have to be efficient. This requirement demands that they have some of the most state-of-the-art equipment to help them along. You have to be very detailed, and the immensley patient to be able to perform these treatments. To give you a little perspective, the hole drilled into the tooth during a root canal will be smaller than the ear of FDR on the dime. That means the amount of precision that is needed is beyond the naked eye. They will use radiographs and 3D imaging to get exact proportions and ratios. The angle of the drill has to be just right and they make sure of this by using microscopes to observe the trial.

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If you are looking for a Houston endodontist, you can get their service from Marquette Dentistry. We’ve got a very talented staff on hand that can help. Whether it is tooth pain or a full-on root canal, an endodontist will do wonders. Make sure to check out our website for more information or to make an appointment, we will be happy to help you further there!


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