Specialty Services

Comprehensive New Patient Exam

As a new patient in our office, we start with a complete set of x-rays. These will show all the teeth, roots and related areas of the jaw.We  will review the films with you and look for any abnormalities. We will also perform an oral cancer exam and Velscope screening. Any treatment needs will be prioritized and a hygiene visit will be scheduled.

Velscope – Advanced Oral Cancer Detection

The Velscope system is the first oral cancer screening device to incorporate fluorescence visualization technology to help detect abnormal tissue, including cancer and precancer. This painless, tasteless, screening takes only minutes to complete. Any abnormalities found are referred to an oral surgeon for further evaluation. We complete this procedure with our hygiene recare exam visits and all new patient exams.

ClearCorrect – A clear way to straighten your teeth.

ClearCorrect treatment gradually moves your teeth with custom-made removable aligners. You change into a new set every two weeks. They can improve your oral hygiene and gum health, you can eat whenever you want, and nearly a million people are smiling more thanks to ClearCorrect. If you’re ready to transform your smile, ClearCorrect is the answer. Call for your free consult today.

LUMINEERS– Two visits, No drill, No Needles, No pain!

LUMINEERS, the innovative and industry-leading thin veneer, is now 30% stronger than the original LUMINEERS and available in three
translucencies: high, medium and low. LUMINEERS 2 veneers are crafted from the next generation of Cerinate porcelain, the only porcelain
backed by over 20 years of evidence-based research. Call today for free consultantion.

Teeth Whitening

We offer ZOOM, “Bleach-4-Life”,home whitening kit for our patients. With no impressions, models or lab time required, it’s the perfect match for your busy lifestyle. You wear the soft thin adaptable tray for 30 – 60 minutes once a day. We also offer ZOOM chairside whitening which in done in office and provides 2-3 time whiter shades in 30minutes.  Before and after picture given upon completion, don’t wait call today!