Frequently Asked Questions

Is your aligner the perfect fit?

Under Pressure
It’s normal to feel a bit of pressure. Your aligner should feel very tight against your teeth. In fact, if you don’t feel like your aligner is fitting quite snug against your teeth, that would be a sign to call us. We want to make sure your aligner is working for you, and an aligner that is too loose will need to be adjusted.

Keep it smooth
Aligners shouldn’t be difficult to put in or take out, and the edges shouldn’t be causing any discomfort against your gums or cheeks. If you are experiences any of these issues, we can easily smooth out those edges at our office. Don’t live with a less than perfect experience, give us a call!

Feeling spacey?
Even through your first few days, you shouldn’t see any gaps or spaces between where your aligner fits, and your teeth. This is another sign that you should give us a call. Remember, your teeth are just as important to us as they are to you!

Get ready for round 2 

A fighting fit
Does your second aligner feel just as tight as your first? Great! Each aligner should feel as equally tight; each one is working just as hard as the last. Don’t forget, if any aligners are feeling especially loose, that may be a sign to give us a call. We want to make sure our aligners are working just as hard as you are.

Speaking differently?
Another completely normal reaction to aligners is experiencing a slight speech impediment. Even though you may notice your speech sounding a bit differently, over time the muscles in your tongue and mouth will readjust and you will notice these effects less and less.

Keeping your aligner squeaky clean.

Cleaning your aligners.
The best way to clean your aligners is washing them out with cool water after each time you remove them. You can also gently use a toothbrush along with a non abrasive toothpaste to reach into all of the small crevices of your aligners.

Towards the end of your 3 week cycle your aligners may become slightly discolored, or cloudy, and that’s completely okay. Just make sure you are keeping up with your daily dental hygiene routine, and are keeping your aligners clean!

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