OUR MISSION:  Our team is dedicated to giving exceptional dental care, by creating a trusting relationship in a warm and friendly environment.

We will maintain state of the art technology and provide the highest quality products available. At Marquette Dentistry.

By setting these standards, we achieve great satisfaction by improving the quality of life for your family and ours.

PHILOSOPHY:  Our office is dedicated to serving our patients with the maximum quality of care.  Every decision and every action by our staff should be aimed towards this goal.  Our first contact with a patient, whether in person or by telephone, gives a first and generally lasting impression of our organization.  It is our goal to make this impression one of excellence.

We believe that our patients are our friends – without them, we would have no job, and without their friendship, we would have no new patients.  We place great importance on remembering our patients’ names and treating them with courtesy, fairness, and respect.

We strive to make each patient’s visit as quick and complete as possible with a minimum of discomfort and waiting.  The ability to remain cheerful under pressure is equally important as attaining the maximum technical skill.

Our goals are not only to have an excellent practice, but to select, develop, and retain an excellent staff.  We believe that our staff is the heart of our practice.  The qualities they convey to our patients have an impact one-hundred times greater than our office décor, building, or equipment.  We believe there should be zero tolerance for rudeness by members of our staff.  It is our desire to have only staff members who will work together with a sincere spirit of cooperation and teamwork.  We believe this is a key ingredient not only in the success of or practice, but in promoting a pleasant and rewarding work environment for our staff as well. Our mission is to get you complete satisfaction as a customer and keep you coming back to Marqueete Dentistry the best dentist office in TX.