Do you need 77074 Prosthodontics to help you restore or replace missing teeth? At Marquette Dentistry, our dentists perform various restorative dental procedures that can help you. We offer several cosmetic procedures, as well as dental implants, dentures, bridges, and more. We’ll talk about some of our dental healthcare offerings in more detail below. You’ll have a better understanding of your options so that you can make a more informed decision about your oral health. Our prosthodontic specialists will also give you their opinion, and together you will decide the best dental plan you for. At Marquette Dentistry, we offer comprehensive services that can fully makeover your smile.

If you’re looking for a dentist to help you replace or hide missing or damaged teeth, you won’t find better prosthodontics than those at Maquette. In addition to helping you maintain a healthy smile by changing the way your teeth look, we also start each new patient appointment with a full oral x-ray and cancer screening. Your teeth shouldn’t just look strong and shine but should actually be healthy, inside and out. We aren’t in the business of covering up decay and pretending it’s not there. If you’re serious about your oral health but also want to find a dentistry that cares about making sure that you look great, you should call Marquette Dentistry today.

77074 Prosthodontics

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Dental Implant Options

At Marquette Dentistry, we have several different options for you to choose from when you want to replace your missing tooth or teeth. Depending on how you lost your tooth, where the tooth is missing, and other factors, you may choose one method over the other.


Crowns cover decayed, fractured, or otherwise worn down teeth. The crown restores the tooth to normal size and shape and protects the tooth from further damage. You may choose to have a crown inserted if your tooth is still in your mouth. Crowns can be made out of many different materials, including gold. If you want your crown to blend in with your other teeth, ask for our porcelain option.


Dental bridges attach to teeth on either side of the missing tooth to “bridge” the gap. We file down the teeth on either side of the gap. Those two teeth are covered with crowns that are attached to a middle, false tooth. Bridges are never removed from your mouth and have the appearance of real teeth.


Veneers are porcelain laminates that cover the front of your teeth. This method is typically used to hide discolored or jagged teeth. Instead of removing and replacing the tooth entirely, you might elect for veneers. This coating changes the appearance of your smile. The main disadvantage of veneers is that they are not permanent. Though they will last many years, they eventually will need to be replaced.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are singular false teeth that are permanently placed in the mouth. These implants are porcelain and function just like normal teeth. If you lost a tooth or want a weak tooth replaced, a dental implant is probably the best option for you. As with bridges, dental implants cannot be removed.


Dentures are removable and re-insertable implants that are typically used by people who have lost all or most of their teeth. If you still have teeth but want dentures, we will remove your teeth and wait for your gums to heal before fitting you with full dentures. If most of your teeth are still healthy but you are missing a few in a row, you can also get partial dentures. Partial dentures are similar to bridges but are removable. Dentures rest on the gums and like other types of implants, must be properly molded to fit comfortably in your mouth.

77074 Prosthodontics

77074 Prosthodontics

How Do You Decide Which Implant You Need?

We offer many different options for dental implants so that you can make the decision that most satisfies you. Depending on your current oral health and the type of smile you want, you choose based on our preferences.

If you’re already missing a tooth, bridges or implants may be the best option for you. Certain procedures, such as veneers, can only be performed on top of existing teeth. Therefore, if you have teeth but don’t like the appearance of them, veneers or crowns may suit you. Furthermore, if you are missing several teeth, you can opt for dentures or bridges.

You should also consider how likely you are to maintain your new teeth. Dentures require special care. Also, veneers leave the back of your tooth exposed, so you must have meticulous oral self-care. You must have a proper daily brushing routine no matter which option you select, even for dentures. However, many people neglect to brush the back of their teeth, which leave them vulnerable to decay.

Price should be one of the least factors that you consider. Though our options have different prices, we offer financing so that you can make a decision without being swayed by cost. Our terms are affordable and flexible and we have options to fit nearly any budget. Consider our dental financing for all or your needed procedures.

77074 Prosthodontics

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Why Call Our 77074 Prosthodontics?

Marquette Dentistry has highly trained staff with years of experience. We perform several prosthodontic procedures, as well as other types of dental services. Many people decide to get dental implants or other cosmetic work after another dental procedure was performed. Fortunately, if you need a tooth removed, our dentists can perform that service as well. The Bellaire cosmetic and restorative dentistry services we offer will benefit patients greatly.

We perform cleanings, root canals, and even rehabilitative treatment. Why search across the Houston area for dentists of various specialties when the dentists at Marquette can perform all necessary services? Furthermore, we have several financing options so that your new smile can fit nicely into your budget.

At our dental care office, you’ll find, and afford, the smile you deserve. Whether you want to change the appearance of your smile or maintain the smile you have currently, we can help.  Call Marquette Dentistry today at (832) 786-4406 or set an appointment online if you need 77074 Prosthodontics.

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