Are you looking for a new 77074 periodontist for your next dental appointment? Perhaps you were initially searching for a general dentistry, but after doing some research you’ve learned that you might need a dentist with knowledge in a specific area. If you’re having problems with your gums, you need a periodontist. At Marquette Dentistry, our dentists will take care of your oral health and make sure that you’re on the right track towards a healthier life.

Periodontists prevent, diagnose, and treat gum disease. Someone may suggest or refer you to a periodontist if you’re having issues with your gums, such as bleeding, swelling, or infection. However, it’s wise to visit a dentistry that has experience performing periodontal work, even if your gums appear fine. Gums are just as important to maintaining optimal oral health as your teeth. Most tooth loss arises as a result of poor gum health, not cavities. Regular check-ups performed by a periodontist can prevent tooth pain, decay, and loss. We recommend that everyone takes advantage of the periodontal services we offer at Marquette Dentistry, and we make it easy to do so with our financing options.

77074 Periodontist

Do you need a 77074 Periodontist?

Why You Need A Periodontist

Periodontists specifically treat gum health. While a general dentist may be able to spot obvious causes for concern, such as a festering gum wound, they may not notice more inconspicuous signs of gum disease. For example, you may have had a previous dentist blame your bleeding gums on your tendency to “brush too hard.” Fortunately, Marquette Dentistry’s periodontists have the tools and experience to look beyond your own habits and see what’s truly the cause of your bleeding or sore gums.

Gum health has been linked to heart health, so taking care of your gums can literally prolong your life. Furthermore, healthy gums are the key to healthy teeth, especially in adults. Many people understand the importance of brushing teeth regularly. However, did you know that you should also gently brush your gums? If you neglect to brush your gums, plaque and bacteria will build up on your gum line. With times, this buildup starts to blend in with your teeth and gums. You won’t even notice it’s there! Meanwhile, the bacteria will be hard at work destroying your gums.

Even if you brush your teeth and gums well, toothbrushes can’t get rid of all plaque. Marquette Dentistry offers routine teeth cleaning as the first step of gum disease prevention. With twice-yearly cleanings performed at our dentistry, we can spot gum disease before it progresses and keep it at bay.

77074 Periodontist

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How You Know You Need A Periodontist

In some cases, gum disease is relatively easy to spot. For example, look out for any of the following symptoms:

  • Bleeding gums, even while brushing or flossing
  • Swollen or sore gums
  • Infection (such as oozing pus)
  • Loose teeth
  • Mouth sores, especially those that don’t heal
  • Bad breath that persists through proper brushing and flossing
  • Changes in the way your teeth feel or fit in your mouth
  • Teeth appear larger or longer

Even if you don’t display any of the following symptoms, you should still visit Marquette Dentistry for a gum inspection. Many of the above symptoms won’t appear until an advanced stage of gum disease, and you don’t want it to reach that point. In some instances, gum disease is irreversible and you might need restorative treatment or surgery. Fortunately, Marquette can treat gum disease at any stage of progression. We’ll check your gums and determine what form of treatment you need. If you visit us early enough, we might just send you home with instructions to floss! Therefore, it’s always better to make a trip to the periodontist sooner than later.

77074 Periodontist

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What Services Do Periodontists Perform?

Periodontists treat any form of inflammatory gum disease, from gingivitis to a more severe infection. Therefore, our range of treatments also vary. At Marquette Dentistry, we perform oral cleanings for mild gum issues. If the progression of gum disease is more severe, our dentists can clean and replace the infected areas in particular. Then, we can discuss with you in detail your options in regards to regenerative procedures to restore gums. In some cases, surgery may be necessary.

Gum disease treatment may require multiple dental visits. Depending on the severity, it may be safer to perform repeat procedures. Following the procedure, you will need to get regular cleanings and maintenance to ensure gum safety and health. We offer all necessary treatments for gum disease and will be with through the prevention, treatment, healing, and maintenance stages of the process. Our dentists and oral surgeons have the skills and experience to handle your gums delicately. Gum disease treatment doesn’t have to be painful.

In addition to periodontal work, the dentists at Marquette can handle all of your other necessary dental procedures. We also perform root canals, apply sealants, and more. You may visit us for gum treatment but discover that you also have a cavity. You don’t have to search for another dentistry, just schedule another appointment with us!

Visit Our 77074 Periodontist Today!

Marquette Dentistry is an award-winning dental care provider in Houston. We’re staffed by some of the most highly trained dental staff that you’ll find in the area. Furthermore, each of our dentists makes it their personal mission to educate and communicate honestly. You’ll learn more about your oral health and how to maintain it when you visit Marquette. Additionally, we have the skill and the tools to minimize pain. We believe in providing high-quality dental care, and that includes pain prevention and management.

At Marquette Dentistry, we provide a range of preventative, cosmetic, and restorative services. Your gums may require a simple cleaning, or you may need to get rid of an infection. Our periodontists will inspect your gums and present the best option for your health. If it’s your first time at our dentistry, we’ll perform a comprehensive new patient exam. During your first-time visit, we perform a full set of oral x-rays, cancer exams, and more.

You may come in for periodontal work, but we’ll make sure that you don’t leave without knowing everything you need for your teeth and gum health. You may also take advantage of our prosthodontics services as well. Call us today at (832) 786-4406 or make an appointment online to get started with your 77074 Periodontist prevention or treatment plan today!

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