March 29, 2022

Let’s Talk Dental Implants

Think about your smile. Are you proud to smile and show all thirty-two, or are you shy and aren’t really comfortable with showing your teeth? If your answer is the second one, then there is something that can make you proud of your smile again.

Many Americans are not proud of their smile, and that is for various reasons. But the reality is that there are different solutions out there that are available. One of those solutions is dental implants. Maybe you have been thinking about dental implants, and you’re looking for more information. Here at Marquette Dentistry, we are all about educating our patients on the various dental services and options available for them. So, let’s dive into the word that is dental implants. You’ll learn about how they work and maybe even decide if they are a good solution for you.

Let's Talk Dental Implants
Let’s start our conversation on dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Let’s start with the basics and find out what dental implants are. The definition of dental implants is in the name, but it is a little more complex than that. Dental implants are essentially a procedure for replacing a tooth in your mouth. Essentially, a new artificial tooth is replacing your natural tooth, and this is what makes it an implant.

First, we might start with an extraction of your tooth. If your tooth is already missing in this spot, then you don’t have to worry about the extraction. After this, we will start with making the post that the tooth will sit on. This will function as the base or root of your tooth. This part is usually made of titanium so that it lasts long and you don’t have to worry about it much.

In addition, it should be known that this procedure is replacing the root of your tooth, which is in your gums, with this new base. A majority of the time, the new base is in a for a screw, and this just makes it easier to replace the missing or damaged tooth.

After the new root is put in, an extension is screwed into the new base. This extension comes out of the gum, and this is where the new tooth will be placed on. The last step is to have your new artificial tooth implanted. This tooth will be a perfect fit and blend in with the rest of your teeth for a natural-looking smile. So, that is the full procedure and the answer to your question of what is a dental implant.

It is also important to know that getting this procedure and how it’s done is dependent on the kind of implant you want and the condition of your jawbone at that moment. Additionally, the entire process might take a couple of months. This is because the healing process takes a while. And remember that the whole reason for this procedure isn’t just to replace your tooth but also to give solid and sturdy support for your new tooth.

Do You Need Dental Implants?

Now the last question you might be asking yourself is, “Do I need dental implants?”

The truth is that this is a personal question. And it’s one that you can answer yourself or with the help of a dentist. So, if you want the help of a dentist to answer this question, make an appointment with us at Marquette Dentistry. Meeting with one of our dentists allows you to get a better understanding of what is going on with your teeth. Additionally, it allows for the dentist to examine the problem and give you a definite answer to your question.

And lastly, if you want to answer the question on your own, then we can assist you with a checklist of things to ask yourself.

  • Do you have any missing teeth?
  • Are you unwilling or unable to wear dentures?
  • Is your speech affected by your teeth?
  • Are you ready to commit to a process that takes several months?
  • You don’t smoke tobacco.

Once you can answer yes to any of these or know that one of them applies to you, you can consider getting dental implants. Call Marquette Dentistry at (832) 786-4406 to schedule a consultation or dental implant procedure.