May 14, 2019

Learn More About Your Wisdom Teeth

You’ve probably heard of “wisdom” teeth before. They are constantly talked about in the dental world. There are debates on whether they are even necessary and arguments on their evolutionary benefits. You may have even heard of your parents and other family members who have been in the military and were forced to have them extracted. They may have gone overboard on the icky details and all the pain it caused them.

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Fortunately, at Marquette Dentistry, we are going to be able to provide you a much better service. One that will certainly not hurt as bad and do a far cleaner job. Our professionals are medically trained and licensed to do this sort of work with many great results. We’ve been able to reduce chronic pain and even take it completely away from those that were suffering from impacted wisdom teeth. Remember, it will be a wise choice to go through Marquette for your dental needs!

What Is A “Wisdom” Tooth?

These are the farthest teeth in the back of your mouth. They will usually appear in your early twenties when you are closing the gap on maturation. They will start growing around age 7 at around the same time as your other teeth. However, there are many questions as to what they can provide for you. Since they are so far back, they are incredibly inefficient for chewing and in most cases, you may find that they don’t even grow in properly.

What is causing you discomfort?

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When your teeth grow in they will take places in the gums. Sometimes they can get crowded and you will be forced to move or take out a few. This is the same case for wisdom teeth. However, there may be a little more dangerous. When your wisdom teeth grow in, it is likely that they may grow in at the wrong angles. They can push against other molars in the back of your mouth and even if they do get through the gums they could be crowded and only half-erect.

The problems with this occur in the time after they surface. Clients typically respond saying they experienced lots of pain from the molars pressing into their other teeth. Others had issues with brushing as they are very hard to reach and can build up a lot of the residue from eating that gets left over. One of the more serious possible issues that can arise will be cysts that form. It can be incredibly dangerous and very painful if one of these cysts burst. That is why it is often highly recommended for you to get your wisdom teeth removed!

We Can Remove Your Wisdom Teeth!

If you have any questions about your teeth or want to find out if you need your wisdom teeth removed, just contact us! We will be able to assess the situation and give you a clear and concise diagnosis. After that, we can decide together if you would like to have them removed. To learn more information or to go ahead and set up an appointment, click here!