Emergency Dentist Houston

Do you know when you should call an emergency dentist Houston? Dental emergencies can happen at any time without warning. Some patients may wonder what type of oral health issue needs attention right away. There are certain conditions that can wait a few days before seeking care. Mild tooth pain or increasing sensitivity are annoying but are not emergency situations.

It can be hard to tell when you need emergency dental care in Houston. Thankfully, there are a few warning signs patients should keep in mind. If one of these signs happens to you, contact your dentist without delay. Even if your dentist does not have emergency hours, they may have an affiliation with a clinic that does. It is also important for you to keep your regular dentist up-to-date on your oral health. Communication between dentists is important to ensure you get the best care possible.

If you need emergency dental care in Houston with no insurance, there are options available. Many clinics, like Marquette Dentistry, offer VIP Programs to their patients. At Marquette Dentistry, enrollment in this program entitles you to exclusive pricing on dental services. This can help you treat, and prevent, dental emergencies. Marquette Dentistry is also happy to offer a wide range of services to their patients. New and returning patients can contact Marquette Dentistry by calling 832-786-4406. You can also visit Marquette Dentistry online at http://www.marquettedentistry.com.

Emergency Dentist Houston

Emergency Dental Care In Houston If Your Teeth Are Broken Or Missing

One of the most obvious signs that you need emergency dental care in Houston is a broken or missing tooth. Knocked out teeth can happen in many situations, including playing sports or falling. It is important to contact your dentist right away if you knock out a tooth. Leaving this type of injury too long will result in infection, and the loss of the tooth. If you are able to handle the tooth with care, a skilled dentist can save it.

Broken or chipped teeth also require a trip to the dentist. Be sure you call your regular dentist first, before considering emergency care. In some cases, it can wait until normal business hours. If the crack is small and you experience no pain, your dentist may advise you to wait. However, if there is a lot of damage or you are severe pain, you need treatment right away.

Marquette Dentistry has a team of skilled dentists and dental professionals who can treat broken and chipped teeth. They want to be sure you love your smile. Repairing this type of damage goes a long way to achieve that goal. Prospective patients can learn more about their rehabilitative services by visiting them at http://www.marquettedentistry.com. You can also contact them by calling 832-786-4406.

Severe Oral Pain Means You Need Emergency Dental Treatment In Houston

You should consider emergency dental treatment in Houston if you are experiencing severe pain. Oral pain can be the first sign of many serious oral health issues. Do not take this type of pain lightly. If it is severe and does not subside after taking over-the-counter painkillers, contact your dentist. Pain after eating can mean that there is an exposed nerve, which requires treatment immediately.

In other cases, severe pain is the result of an abscessed tooth. If left untreated, an abscess will result in facial swelling and a fever. The pain will start as a toothache and will spread through the jaw down to your neck. It is important to have this type of issue treated to avoid further infection. Oral pain may also be a sign of progressive gum disease. This should be treated as soon as possible but can wait until normal business hours. You should still call your dentist at the first sign of severe pain. Clinic staff can rule out more serious issues or can give you personalized advice.

If you are in the Houston area, you can contact Marquette Dentistry with your oral health concerns. They are happy to provide their patients with the best in dental care. Marquette Dentistry practices a patient-first philosophy, treating everyone with compassion and respect. Their clinic staff will treat you and your concerns with the care they deserve. Learn more about Marquette Dentistry and their variety of dental services by calling 832-786-4406. New and returning patients can also visit them online at http://www.marquettedentistry.com.

Seek Emergency Dental Care In Houston If You Have Damage To Your Crowns Or Filings

You should seek out emergency dental care in Houston if you have chipped a crown or filling. Some patients wait until their normal business hours before consulting a dentist in this situation. Cracked or damaged filings do not always result in immediate pain, so the need for care is less obvious. It is important to call as soon as possible anyway. Cracked crowns and filings increase the risk of infection.

If you have lost a crown or filing altogether, call a dentist as soon as possible. Chances are you will experience extreme pain when the nerve comes into contact with air. Ask the dental care professionals how to minimize the pain until you arrive at the clinic. This question is very important if you will be transporting yourself to the dentist’s office. Tooth pain can be severe and can lead to debilitating headaches. Be sure you drive with caution, using alternate transportation if necessary.

Patients in Houston can call Marquette Dentistry if they need restorative treatment. Marquette Dentistry has many years of experience performing this type of care to patients across the city. You can learn more by visiting Marquette Dentistry online at http://www.marquettedentistry.com. You can also contact their staff members by calling 832-786-4406.

Can You Avoid The Need For An Emergency Dentist Houston?

Many patients worry about needing emergency dental care in Houston with no insurance. The best way to address this type of concern is to find a clinic that provides an incentive program. These programs often make every day dental care affordable by offering exclusive pricing. Take full advantage of all the deals the program provides. Regular checkups and cleanings can prevent many oral health problems from becoming emergency situations.

Marquette Dentistry is happy to offer new and returning patients the opportunity to enroll in their VIP Program. Members receive special pricing on many dental services, including examinations and other treatments. You can learn more by visiting Marquette Dentistry online at http://www.marquettedentistry.com. You can also contact their friendly staff members by calling 832-786-4406. Marquette Dentistry is here for all your dental concerns, and can help if you need an emergency dentist Houston.

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