December 17, 2021

Do Hot Winter Drinks Affect Your Teeth?

It’s getting colder out, which means that your drink choices are changing. It’s time to enjoy all the hot sweet drinks that comes with the weather change. A hot cup of hot cocoa, apple cider, tea, pumpkin spice lattes, all of that sounds good right now. But before you dive into the world of hot drinks, let’s examine your teeth and what these drinks can be doing to them.

Many are unaware that hot drinks have an effect on their teeth just as much as cold beverages do. Maybe this is because it’s not talked about as often. Yes, cold drinks do have an effect but so do hot drinks, and everyone should be aware of this.

We know that this is the time of the year where you’re out a lot more. And since you’re going to be around your family and friends more often, you want your smile to be on point. So, understanding that hot drinks affect your teeth is something that is important.

How Are Hot Drinks Affecting your Teeth?

Many holiday drinks are sugar-filled. In addition, some of them are acidic. What does that mean for your teeth? Essentially having a lot of sugar or acidity can damage and burn through your enamel. This is not something you may be consciously thinking about while having your drinks, but they do affect your teeth.

If your enamel is damaged, your teeth are easily susceptible to discoloration and sometimes tooth decay. In addition to this, you’ll be left with sensitive teeth. So, as you continue to drink your favorite drinks, you’ll notice that your teeth feel much more different, and it might be harder to consume beverages.

Tips When Drinking Hot Drinks This Winter

Do Hot Winter Drinks Affect Your Teeth?
Protect and take care of your teeth this winter.

Now, if you already have sensitive teeth, you already know the kinds of drinks that are not good for you. But these drinks might be cold drinks. It’s also important to note that hot beverages can also cause that same sensitivity. This is something that can be painful, but we can show you how to enjoy your drinks this winter.

The following tips aren’t just for those with sensitive teeth. Anyone who wants to have those tasty hot drinks this winter can also use these tips.

For sensitivity, instead of drinking the beverage when it’s super hot, try drinking it when it’s warm. You still get to have the beverage, and it’s not completely hot. This is great for your teeth in the long run, and you don’t have to be to deal with that sensitivity.

Another tip is to try using a straw when you drink. Now we know what you’re thinking. Why would I want to use a straw to drink my hot drink? Well, by drinking your drink this way, your teeth are not directly in contact with the acidity or sugariness of the drink. This is just a simple way to protect them and still have your hot drink.

Now, if you just want to enjoy your drink and not think about these other tips, we suggest using dental products that protect your enamel and resist tooth decay. There are kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes that provide this protection, and you can have a dentist suggest one for you.

All of these are great ways to protect your smile this winter. If you’re looking to get some dental advice from a dentist, you can visit us at Marquette Dentistry. Our dental team can get your smile ready for the holiday festivities and hot drinks ahead. Call us today to make an appointment with us.