December 3, 2011

Dental Problems and Solutions

There are several various issues that can arise when considering your dental hygiene.  And, because so many patients are concerned about what corrective procedures will entail, they often let these issues develop into larger concerns, only worsening the problem.  However, the professionals at Marquette Dentistry have compiled a list of some of the most common issues in this arena and outlined the simple solutions in an effort to ease concerns and remind everyone that dental care doesn’t need to be a scary venture.

Crooked, Chipped, or Poorly Spaced Teeth

Having confidence in your smile is very important when you are looking to make a great impression in your professional or personal life.  If you feel that your smile requires some work, but are concerned about the surgery required to fix it, contact Marquette dental care and learn about Snap-On Smile.  This surgery-free product can give you the perfect smile with just a couple of office visits.

Diminished Brilliance

Coffee can really take a toll on the brilliance of your smile, which is why many are turning to teeth whitening products to reverse some of the long-term effects.  However, many home remedies deliver mediocre, uneven results, which is why we, at Marquette Dentistry in Houston, Texas, utilize the Kor Teeth Whitening technique.  Permanently reverse the effects of coffee or cigarettes stains on your teeth!

If you are looking for a Houston dentistry practice that understands that comfort and results can indeed go hand-in-hand, then Marquette Dentistry is your solution.  Don’t endure painful procedures because you believe that results must be achieved through outdated techniques.  Ask the professionals at our practice about the various options you have before ever taking your seat in the operating room.