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Do you have crooked teeth? Perhaps you never had braces as a child and now you are looking to achieve straighter teeth. Maybe you are looking for a way to straighten your teeth without metal braces and you have been searching for Southwest Houston TX Invisalign Dentist. If this sounds like you, Marquette Dentistry is has got you covered.

If you are looking for a new, confident smile, the professionals at Marquette Dentistry are here to help you. We have aligners that have helped people just like you find the smile they love. The era of metal braces is over. So, if you are an adult achieving your perfect smile has never been easier with our ClearCorrect aligners.

ClearCorrect is a breakthrough technology that aligns teeth with a series of clear, virtually invisible, custom-molded aligners that can be removed while you eat and brush your teeth. Did you know that aligning your teeth comes with long term health benefits as well? Correcting your teeth can give you improved function, the prevention of future complications, and slowing down signs of aging.

Did you know that there are many advantages to having a smile that is more aligned together? When your teeth are aligned they will fit together more naturally. As a result, you will experience less interference such as chewing issues or food getting stuck. Also, when you have ClearCorrect aligners you will be preventing premature wear, receding gums, and loss of attachment. Are you noticing that your teeth are beginning to show signs of aging? Just like everything else, teeth become worn down and the aging process accelerates misaligned teeth. However, you can minimize these signs of aging with the help go aligners. Aligners will put your teeth back into place and the aging will not be as noticeable.

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Do you have a tooth that is chipped? Perhaps you have many teeth that are chipped and that is why you are searching for a Southwest Houston TX Invisalign Dentist. Chipped teeth can inhibit your teeth from being straight and can cause people to be less confident in their smile. Because of this, we offer bonding treatments here at Marquette Dentistry. With the help of bonding, we will be able to restore chipped teeth and even fill gaps between teeth.

During the bonding process, composite resin is a white, tooth-colored material that can be shaded to match your teeth. This material is applied to your teeth and sculpted to cover or replace the problem area. The material bonds to the surface of your teeth like glue. Getting straight teeth could never be easier with the help of Marquette Dentistry.

Have you noticed that your teeth are either worn, rough, too small or too large or discolored? The solution is easy with Marquette Dentistry. We offer porcelain veneers which is a thin shell of porcelain that covers the front of each tooth. They bond directly to the front of the tooth as if they were your real teeth. There are many advantages of porcelain veneers. They can provide you with an incredibly natural, beautiful smile. Veneers are virtually undetectable and can dramatically improve your appearance. They are durable and long-lasting when compared to other cosmetic treatments.

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When you are in need of a Southwest Houston TX Invisalign Dentist, Marquette Dentistry is here to help you. We are an award-winning cosmetic dentist office located right here in the Houston area. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care, consultation, and experience in the community. As a result, we have a reputation of offering the best in cosmetic dentistry from dental hygiene services to full smile makeovers.

Are you worried about the cost of getting aligners? Perhaps you think that it will be out of your price range. Here at Marquette Dentistry, we provide affordable, flexible financing options for all our clients. We are committed to providing affordable, accessible, quality dental care. We believe that no one should break the bank to have the dental care that they deserve. As a result, we offer third-third-party and in-practice financing options. So you can have the smile you have always dreamed of.

Our team of highly trained dental care professionals is here to help plan and perform your treatment with the utmost attention to your health and well being. If you are ready to get the smile you have always dreamed of, contact our friendly specialists by dialing (832) 786-4406. Or visit our website at to learn more information on how we can transform your smile.

Fun Facts About Houston TX

  • Houston is the nations third most humid city, only New Orleans (first)  and Jacksonville (second) rank higher.
  • The tallest building in Houston is the 75 floor JP Morgan Chase Tower which stands 1,002 feet tall.  It is also the tallest building in Texas.
  • Houston’s Museum District has an eye-popping 19 museums that welcome over 8 million visitors a year.
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