Need dental appointment Houston? When teeth hurt, stopping the pain quickly becomes a sense of priority. There are many reasons you may need a dental appointment in Houston, including the following:


A cavity, or tooth decay, can be painful, especially when it isn’t caught and repaired early. If you suspect you have a cavity, you need a dental appointment Houston, to prevent the spread of decay. The decay begins on the enamel or outer surface of the tooth and is caused when plaque mixes with starches and sugars in your mouth, producing an acid that creates holes and weak areas in your teeth. If the cavity goes untreated, the decay spreads inward toward the dentin, or middle layer of the tooth, and can cause sensitivity to touch and temperature.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is also called “gingivitis” and “periodontists,” and it is an infection of the gums and bone which surround the teeth. You need to make a dental appointment in Houston at the first sign of gum disease because of serious problems that can result from the infection going untreated. Gingivitis is linked to heart disease and strokes. It is also the leading reason adults lose their teeth. When you have gum disease, the gums detach from the teeth and form pockets that become filled with more bacteria.

Dental Abscess

The center of the tooth is the pulp. When the buildup of bacteria inside the pulp chamber becomes infected, the result can be a painful dental abscess. The infection will try to drain out at the tip of the tooth root, and the pressure can cause severe pain and swelling, if not treated. You need a dental appointment Houston if you are suffering from a dental abscess.

Impacted Tooth

When teeth are prevented by other teeth, bones, or gums from moving into the proper position in the mouth, they can become impacted. The wisdom teeth are the ones which most commonly become impacted. When extra teeth cannot be accommodated by the jawbone, they become stuck under the gum, creating pressure, pain, and sometimes jaw soreness.

Tooth Pulp Inflammation

Pulpits, or tooth pulp inflammation, is a condition for which you need a dental appointment in Houston because the pain it causes will only worsen without proper treatment. The center of the tooth becomes irritated and inflamed. The accompanying pain can be mild, extreme, or somewhere in between, depending on the amount of inflammation.

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